Master P and Sonya

Sonya Miller might have won custody of her children, but she claims she is about to be homeless out on the street.

She has seven children with ex-husband Master P but unfortunately, the two divorced recently. According to Sonya, P won’t give up until she is completely broke without a home. She has been at court begging and pleading to receive some type of compensation from his $178 million fortune.

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They’re currently still finalizing the divorce in court but during their battle, she says he reached an all-time low. When she tried to enter their gated Calabasas community where she lives with their seven kids, he had security guards blocking her entrance.

Even though he moved out of the house, he still pays the rent and is telling her he refuses to keep paying for the home. He also cut off the cable and her cell phone along with threatening to get her SUV repossessed – since he foots the bill for everything.

However, it doesn’t end there. According to Sonya, she has not seen a penny for child support or spousal support since their split.


Source: TMZ