In June 2013 a happy couple went to a Taylor Swift concert. The couple enjoyed their night and even scored a picture with the lovely Taylor Swift. After sitting for just a little while security approached the two and told the husband he had to be removed immediately as per Taylor’s orders. Find out how messy this situation turned out now 2 years later.

David Mueller, who worked as a D.J for a local Radio station that attended the Swift Concert was accused of groping Taylor Swift. According to Taylor, David (known as Jackson in Colorado) lifted up her skirt and grabbed her butt with his hand.

Denying all accusations Mueller has decided to Sue Taylor Swift. After the allegations were mad he was actually fired as a Dj from the Radio station and he wants to make sure his side of the story is heard. I’m wondering what his girlfriend thinks about all of this, wasn’t she standing right next to him? Although he makes a great case by saying it would be nearly impossible to pull that off with her security and his woman around, there was enough evidence given to the radio station to get David fired.

The Dutchess