It takes money to make money, right? Well, Coca Cola just admitted to funding 115 health experts to manufacture studies. Hit the jump to find out exactly how many millions and for what kinds of perks.

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The totals are: $21.8 million for pro-industry research (to make Coke look good,) $96.8 million on partnerships with health organizations (to pretend soda is healthy,) and $2.1 direct payola to health experts.

For the right-brained, that’s about $120 million in hush money and palm greasing. That’s 600 Maseratis. That’s 800 Birken bags.

The bribes included travel, kickoffs, and general golf course bribes. No receipts were provided.

The Coca Cola Company released a list of who they paid for manufactured studies. This list, shown in the pie chart above, includes dieticians, academics, medical professionals, authors, and fitness experts.

Source: Observer