Video footage shows newly named “Queen of Rap” Nicki Minaj on Halloween apparently poking fun at somebody bound to a wheelchair while waving her magic wand towards them…more after the jump.

On Halloween Nicki already seemed to piss off a bunch of people with her costume (we’re not mad at it) of a ‘busty’ magical fairy with wand. Well to make even more headlines than she already has, video emerges and suggests the ‘Anaconda’ femcee is making fun of someone in a wheelchair by waving her wondrous wand at them, hoping for a Halloween miracle.

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The seem to be spell casting happened in Vegas this past weekend when Nicki was hosting an event at 1 Oak Nightclub. The video is a little thought provoking and we’re hoping that the mega hip hop star may have just had a little much to drink and wasn’t in total control of her thought process.

In the video you can hear Nicki shout several things surrounded by her entourage boasting, “Walk!, I command you to walk!” – as she waves her wand towards the handicapped person.

Do you think Nick was really making fun of them or just got a little carried away? Let us know in the comments section after the video.


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