Kobe Bryant caused an uproar with fans who are supporters of our military and it was all over a pair of socks.


To be clear, Kobe never thought twice that something he didn’t wear would bother people as much as it did.

The NBA is allowing players to wear special designed red, white and blue socks as part of Hoops for Troops week which runs from Nov. 3rd to the 11th.

The socks are not mandatory and just an option for players but giving the meaning behind them, it’s easy to see why so many players would love to wear them to show support.

Kobe and Jameer Nelson both decided not to wear them the other night but since nobody cares about Nelson, Kobe became the focal point for upset fans thinking he was dissing the military.

NBA sources say Kobe wasn’t trying to make a political statement — he simply prefers to wear quarter-length socks and the Hoops for Troops socks were only available in crew length.

It was all a comfort thing. Anyone who knows Kobe knows he has love for and supports our men and woman in the military.

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