(Pics) Westboro Baptist Church Founder Near Death


Founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, known for protesting at military funeral procession and gay rights events is reportedly near death. The 85 year old Rev. Fred Phelps is reportedly suffering from several medical issues and he is being cared for in a health facility. Read more and check pics of the Westboro Church protests after the jump.

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(Video) The Military Is Testing Smart Rifles?!


Yes it seems so! A company TrackingPoint Inc. has developed a rifle that tracks it’s target, and it is spot on, so now the Military has bought about 6 of them to test, probably in the field.

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(Photos) Reported Sex Assaults Up To 50% In The Military!

military sexual assault is rising

The number of sexual assaults in the military has risen up to 50% this year! In 2012, sexual assaults were at 5,000 reports but this year there has been a significant increase – about 45% for the Air Force, 86% for the Marines, 46% for the Navy and 50% for the Army. To read more, click below.

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(Video) Is The Military Using Playstation Move To Practice Combat?!

IFWT_PS Move Gun

Not really, but I found something interesting non the less! The US military is using technology to figure out sniper related attacks, this tech uses simulated guns that look a lot the PS Move.

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Fashion: Schott x Stussy 2013 Fall/Winter Aviator Jacket – Dropped Today!!


NY leather jacket creator Schott and Stussy collaborate to produce a aviator jacket for the fall/winter 2013. The piece is obviously eye-catching and will enhance your jacket collection. The jacket is based with a military feel, featuring sage green nylon exterior, bright orange interior and faux squadron patches that help the jacket stand out even more. The flight jacket has been all over and has came back as you can see. The jacket is available now from Stussy’s Japanese chapters. Hit the jump to check out more detailed pis of the Schott x Stussy 2013 Fall/Winter Aviator Jacket.

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First, Miley Cyrus…Who Does Kanye West Plan On Working With Next?!

Jay Z and Kanye West in Antwerp

In case you haven’t heard the news yet, Kanye is connecting with Miley Cyrus to create the remix to, “Black Skinhead,” but now, it’s being thrown in the air that he may be working with…
Hit the jump for the details.

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Fort Hood Shooter Found GUILTY On ALL Counts!!!

Nidal Hasan

The Fort Hood shooter, also known as Nidal Hassan, has been convicted on 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted murder after the 2009 shooting spree that killed 13 and injured 30+.

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(Photos) Mexican Cartels Are Using WHO As Hit-Men??!


On top of the ever growing dilemma overseas with the closing of U.S. Embassies, our country is now facing threats from our own backyards. In Mexico, the extremely violent cartels are currently trying to hire military personnel to carry out contracts. Check out how the U.S. plans to combat this.

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Pentagon Fires Troops After What???


Over 50 troops were fired after a review was given that uncovered many violations. Read more after jump

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Update: Rallies in Egypt Have Left Over 60 Dead


As reported yesterday the rallies in Egypt had left 5 dead going into the night, yet it did not end there. Read more after jump

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