So…. about that whole “KD2DC” movement fans in the nations capital have been hoping for with Durant’s impending free agency. That might be on hold after KD referred to those same fans as disrespectful. No, nobody said or did anything disrespectful to KD personally but he feels their fans should be paying more attention to their current team instead of focusing on what he will do.


The Thunder will play in DC tomorrow night, in their one and only trip to the area this season. It will be the last time Durant’s hometown fans see him in person this year but they are hoping next season he will be there all the time. Last time he was in town, which was January of last season, fans were clearly more concerned with him and what might possibly happen in the summer of 2016 than with their own young, talented team.

“(The Jan. 22 visit) was kind of disrespectful, in my opinion, because you’ve got a great team there already that deserves your full 100 percent support,” Durant said. “I wouldn’t like that if I was on that team. I didn’t like that, but it comes with it nowadays.”

At least one current Wizard agrees.

“It is disrespectful because he plays for Oklahoma City,” Wizards guard Bradley Beal said Monday. “He doesn’t play for Washington.”

“It’s the same I said last year,” said Wizards point guard John Wall, who has occasionally worked out with Durant over the offseason. “We can’t worry about what Kevin Durant’s doing. He’s worried about his OKC team and me and Brad and the other 13 guys on the team, we’re worried about the Washington Wizards. We’re not here to tank and not try to make the playoffs and not try to win a championship and do those things.”

Even though everything Durant, Beal and Wall said is 100% true, it will not stop the rumors and reports from getting more and more out of hand as the summer approaches.