King petty is on strike once again. Within the recent week that has just passed 50 Cent has been going on a rampage with come backs against Vivica Fox. Vivica insinuated that the rapper was gay in a recent interview with Andy Cohen but that doesn’t mean he cant continue his social media war with Rick Ross. Read more after the jump.

Instagram | Carli Knox

All hail king petty. 50 Cent is at it yet again with Rick Ross. The two have had beef with each other for quite sometime now. Rick Ross went to Instagram making comments about 50 Cents son in recent weeks. I don’t think 50 took that to kindly. So instead of letting the flames die down of course 50 had to ignite them yet again by posting a picture on his Instagram calling rapper Rick Ross a “fat chicken.” (lol) Oh 50 *sips Effin Vodka*

Source: 50 Cent IFWT