Twenty-one year old Abigail Hanna of Topsfield, Massachusetts has been charged for the kidnapping of little Lyndon Albers who was found naked, bruised and alone with her head shaved on the side of the road.

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Just yesterday in Hamilton, Massachusetts 2-year-old Lyndon Albers was reported missing at 7 a.m. by her distressed parents. The couple put Lyndon to bed thursday night and checked on her around 4 a.m. and she was fine. The next time the couple went to check on Lyndon at 7 a.m. , she was gone.

Just when the police were about to issue an Amber Alert a couple had made a call into 911 stating that they had just found a little girl alone on the side of the road. The police immediately knew it was Lyndon.

The little girl was found 8 miles away from her home by Tom Crosby and his wife Marge. Crosby states that him and his wife were on their way to work when he noticed something that looked like a doll on the side of the road.

Crosby proceeded to drive past what he saw but something didn’t feel right so he turned around and went back. His gut feeling was right. When tom approached what he thought was a doll, he realized it was actually a little girl.

Tom says

“I thought it was a little boy because her head was shaved,”

Lyndon was bruised, unclothed and bleeding from her head at the time so Tom told his wife to call the police as he wrapped the toddler in a blanket and took her to the car.

Little Lyndon was reunited with her family and taken to the Boston Children’s Hospital.

Abigail Hanna, who worked as a baby-sitter and worked with teens is currently being held without bail as she faces charges that include breaking and entering during nighttime, assault and battery of a child, and assault and battery with a dangerous
According to police

“Evidence indicates that the abduction was not a random crime,”