(Video) MMA: War Machine Convicted on 29 Charges Including Sexual Assault on Ex-GF Christy Mack

Former MMA fighter War Machine real name Jon Koppenhaver was found guilty on 29 charges including sexual assault and battery on his ex-girlfriend, Christy Mack.

(Video) Sean Kingston Reacts To Broke Rumors, Shooting At Soulja Boy’s Bday, Kidnapping & More

Sean Kingston visits Raq Rants and talks about being kidnapped by his jeweler for a $225,000 dollar watch, rumors that he is broke, the shooting at Soulja Boy’s birthday party, why he is done with strippers and more. Dam Sean what’s the deal?

(Video) Bus Driver Helps Teen Girl Escape A Potential Kidnapping

A Milwaukee bus driver became hero to a young 15 year old girl who flagged her down after running away from a man who followed and attempted to throw the young lady in his vehicle.Read below for the full story and video.

NBA: Amar’e Stoudemire’s Brother Arrested For Kidnapping Assault And Burglary

Ex-NBA Star, Amar’e Stoudemire’s little brother, Jerrel, has been arrested in Kansas for some serious craziness. Of course it’s baby-momma related. Keep reading…

Mother Reunites With Son After He Was Kidnapped in 1995

Maria Mancia came home one night to find out that her husband took off with her 18 month-old son and every single photo of him, even the ultrasound smh. She had not seen her son in 21 years. Until now.

(Video) WOW – This Man Tried To Abduct A Teen In BROAD DAYLIGHT, But Her Mom Saved The Day!

Why are there so many crazy people in this world! Yesterday morning, a 30-year-old nutbag by the name of Craig Bonello was caught on camera, trying to kidnap a 13-year-old girl from a Dollar Store General in Florida. Luckily, her mother, the store manager and an off-duty cop were there to save the day. As you can see in the video, the girl’s mom was there the entire time, fighting off the attack and later, laying on top of her daughter completely so that he could not take her. According to reports, the store manager called out to off-duty cop Jonathan Behnen, who was posted outside of the store. Bonello attempted to escape, but Officer Behnen blocked him with his car and arrested him. ⠀⠀ While Bonello’s record is not clean (trespassing, attacking an officer), nothing includes abduction or sex-related crimes. It will now, though!

Sports: Mexican Soccer Star Beat Kidnapper, Stole His Gun & Cellphone & Helped Free Himself

New details were released about Mexico star soccer player Alan Pulido’s kidnapping.  It was originally reported that state and federal forces formed a joint operation to free him but now it’s being reported that Pulido himself was the key in his release.

(Photos) Former Baby-sitter Charged With Kidnapping Of A 2-year-old Massachusetts Toddler

Twenty-one year old Abigail Hanna of Topsfield, Massachusetts has been charged for the kidnapping of little Lyndon Albers who was found naked, bruised and alone with her head shaved on the side of the road. Read more after the jump.

3 Arrested For Carjacking, Kidnapping Federal Agent

Authorities report three suspects have been arrested in connection with the carjacking and kidnapping a Texas law enforcement officer who happened to be on vacation.

(Video) Update: Rick Ross Gets His Day In Court For Kidnapping & Assault Charges, Bail Set At $2 Million

Today, July 1, Rick Ross gets his day in court. Last week, Rick Ross was arrested in his Georgia home, following a complaint from his groundskeeper, Jonathan Zumidio. Ross is accused of kidnapping as well as aggravated assault and aggravated battery for the alleged pistol-whipping of Zumidio. Hit the jump for more.

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