Chris Brown and Meek Mill both have had their issues with the law, the most recent being Meek in his case from 9 years ago that just will not go away. Now C. Breezy takes to Twitter to vent his frustrations on how the U.S government is set up, letting his rap comrade know he’s not alone. Hit the jump for the Breezy’s tweets aimed at the gov.


Meek Mill’s unfortunate 2015 is certainly going out with a bang, just not the type one would have hoped for. December 17th marked the day the judge ruled Mr. Mill was guilty of violating his probation period by traveling to the American Music Awards – and by also handing a lab technician a cold glass of water instead of his urine during a scheduled pee test for probation.

The judge decided to set Meek’s sentencing for February 5th – inevitably sending the in and out of jail rapper back.

Breezy on the other hand has had his fair share of running into the law – most famously the Rihanna case (which we are all tired of hearing about), which ultimately put him on probation as well, giving his take on the justice system some credential to speak on the matter. Breezy’s series of tweets are in the gallery above!