When Rick Ross’ latest album Black Market only did 57K copies in it’s opening week (an unusually low number for his eight album career), it started to raise some questions as to why it sold poorly for Ross. Now, apparently it could be due to the fact that someone filed a complaint to Walmart (the biggiest carrier of physical CD’s) to not carry Ross’ album because of a terroristic line aimed at presidential candidate Donald Trump. Hit the jump for the full story.


In the song’s opening track “Free Enterprise” featuring R&B crooner John Legend, Rick Ross raps:

“Assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman, Now accept these words as they came from Eminem.”

Ross is known for his absurd lines like this one, formerly rapping about drugging women with molly to have his way with them which led to him losing an endorsement deal. So, after being in such hot water for that one, it really is a surprise he would take such a “shot” like this at Donald Trump.

Now one YouTube vlogger, Mark Dice, is taking responsibility for the album’s demise in a self-made video he published online.

In the video he explains why he petitioned for the album to be taken off Walmart’s shelves. Dice really does seem to have a problem with Ross as he mocks him consistently throughout the video calling him “Pig Ross” and calling his music “garbage”.

Many are questioning if Mark Dice is the actual “snitch” in the matter, but it seems that way. Peep the video he made about the take-down:

If you have not heard the actual song “Free Enterprise”, check it out for yourself:

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