If you havent been keeping up with the drama down at the Litchfield prison, you better hop on it! Orange is the New Black is returning. A tease has just been released for Season 4 and its looking pretty juicy! Plus who can’t resist staring at Piper and Alex all day.

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Last season of OITNB definitely made us fein for me. Not gonna ruin it for those who didn’t tune in, but its a must see. The award winning series never leaves us unsatisfied.Although the trailer doesn’t reveal toooooo much, it reveals enough to grasp the attention of fans. Piper is still blonde ol’ manipulative piper, Morello is married and super romantic and from the looks of it Taystee has pulled a higher card with a managerial position at Litchfield. So get ready OITNB fans, because the inmates are returning to a Netflix account near you.

Source: Complex