Another day, another L for Jay Z’s streaming service, TIDAL. We want to see these guys win, but it’s just not looking good for them, no matter how many “exclusive” things they try to push through the app!

Last week, an error on TIDAL’s behalf ended up charging the credit cards on CLOSED accounts – and one such account happened to be that of a writer for popular publication, The Verge. Of course, they shared their tale:

“TIDAL, Jay Z’s streaming music service, has been hitting some consumers with false charges over the last 24 hours. I know because I’m one of them — and I cancelled TIDAL several months ago,” they wrote. “This morning I noticed a $19.99 charge on my credit card, which is how much the company’s lossless / hi-fi subscription costs per month. A few hours later, TIDAL sent along an apologetic email and let me know that the money would be refunded within a few business days.”

“Rest assured, we’ve already refunded any charges,” TIDAL said in a statement to Billboard, confirming the mishap. “Accounts haven’t been renewed, but we have offered a 3 month complimentary trial of the premium service on top of the refund as an apology that will not be auto renewed upon completion.”

No word on how many were affected. Were you one of them?

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Source: DX