The squashed beef between Lil Wayne and Birdman puts everyone else at peace. This even includes Nicki Minaj and Drake who are apart of the Young Money camp. Sources are saying that the two are extremely happy that the beef is over. Especially, for the simple fact that they no longer feel like they have to choose a side.

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The source says the two felt “boxed in” and were really afraid to get caught talking to Birdman, even though they stayed loyal to him because he did open doors for them. Now that Birdman and Wayne has decided to do away with their differences, Birdman wants to focus more on rebuilding Young Money and making it a stronger foundation. He wants to add more artist to the Young Money roster. We also learn that Tyga might drop whatever beef he has with a few signees and come aboard on the camp too. Although the two are now cool , Wayne is still going about that $51 Million lawsuit. So we shall see how this goes.

Source: Complex