The Pharmaceutical industry’s bad boy, Martin Shkreli, finally saw his day in court appearing in front of Congress to answer part of a subpoena for raising the price of AIDS drug Daraprim by 5,000%. This video makes me cringe at his piousness and how a man is comfortable in his own skin during this time in his life is beyond me. Hit the jump to see Martin’s devilish grins as Congress questions him.


Instead of answer truthfully, Shkreli heeds his lawyer’s advice and just keeps his mouth shut and only speaks to say a few choice words dancing around the phrase “I plead the fifth”. He is able to do so because of a separate investigation of fraud being led by the FBI.

Taking a non-snitching method to not incriminate himself, this is like a scene from the Wolf of Wall Street over capitalistic greed. If you had something that could change so many lives in a positive way, why go the negative route instead? The man could have been immortalized as a hero. They should just give the pills away to be honest.

This is really tough to watch and it would infuriate the average American. See the clip below if you want to be reminded of what people in this world have come to for money.