In case you missed it, at the top of the year Chris Brown was accused by crazy lady, Liziane Gutierrez, of punching her in the face and kicking her out of a Las Vegas party. Breezy and Gutierrez went at it via social media; him calling her an “old bitch” and her telling him to be a better person  in  a video with no sign of injury.

Now, Gutierrez is taking further legal action and has just filed a lawsuit against, Chris Brown in Clark County, Nevada. She claims (again), that someone in Breezy’s camp or possibly Chris himself, hit her in the “face and/or arm and/or hands.” She also claims they took her phone.

Vegas police previously investigated Gutierrez’s claim and said that there just wasn’t enough evidence and decided to completely drop the case, so there’s a pretty good chance the lawsuit will get thrown out the same way.

Guiterrez has proven to be a groupie, looking for a hand out in the past, as she’s the same woman who caused drama for Jason Derulo when he didn’t allow her to get into his party bus after the club back in August.


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