Toronto’s own Tory Lanez finally comments on Drake’s recent lyrics supposedly aimed at him in Drizzy’s latest single “Summer Sixteen“. Hit the jump to see what Tory had to say on the matter.

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Looks like Tory don’t want no problems. Respectful…it’s about time somebody doesn’t take a rap line so serious, especially when it’s just on allegations. We all know Drizzy doesn’t like the allegations.

If you didn’t hear the song Drake rapped:

“All you boys in the new Toronto want to be me a little
All your exes know I like my O’s with a V in the middle
You would love it if I went away or didn’t say nothing else
How am I keeping it real by keeping this shit to myself?
You was never gang, gang, gang, gang, you was never one of us”

Check Tory’s response:

#ToryLanez feels like #Drizzy is bullying him?

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