KXNG Crooked updates fans who are anxious to see a “hip-hop” American idol, originally planned in 2014. The Slaughterhouse MC says the show is just about ready to premiere, in this exclusive interview with allhiphop. Hit the jump.

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Crooked along with radio/TV host Sway Calloway, The Wake Up Show‘s DJ King Tech and SMH Records CEO Mike Smith teamed up to create the show strictly for aspiring hip-hop artists.

“I’ve just been negotiating with different networks. Now I got a home for it, so it’ll probably be out this summer. It’s like an American Idol for strictly Hip Hop. We go out to different cities to find the next Hip Hop star.”

“We did an episode in Atlanta, like 2,500 rappers came out. The line was ridiculous. There were all types of different styles. Dudes were spitting some hard sh*t. Females were spitting some dope sh*t.”

“I went to like 5 or 6 different cities filming this show. I was able to see on the ground, in the trenches, how many talented emcees are out there nationwide that would blow your mind. There were real Hip Hop culture representers, real lyricists. It’s that time. We just got to fight that war on every front.”

I’m excited. Stay tuned.