IFWT_New iPhone orders
Today we Watched Apple announce new devices, the iPhone SE, an iOS update with some new apps(and capabilities) and a new 9.7 iPad Pro!

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On April 1st, Apple will be 40!! We will update this as the event happens!!

Watch Here

Tim opens up celebrating Apple’s 40 years and talking about the infamous FBI case and why they feel like they need to stand up(Kudos Tim!!)

Ok they go into some environment talk, important but not exciting to the average Apple user. 93% of Apple facilities are renewable energy, making Apple’s carbon footprint really small.

They go on to talk about ‘Liam’, a robotic arm used to destruct old iPhones so they can be reused properly. #AppleRenew

Now Health(They know we only care about devices, ?), research has expanded thanks to iDevices, connecting as one etc etc, Parkinson’s study became the biggest ever, that is DOPE! There’s a video that we’ll be able to show you later.

The video shows Dr’s are working with iDevices/M-Powered app to watch and find a cure to Autism and epilepsy. They are working on a seizure detector with the Apple watch.

Introducing CareKit, an app ecosystem under iOS that allows you to take care of yourself if you have a specific issue, and the 1st app for CareKit(released today) is for Parkinson’s. Keeping track of you through a ‘CareCard’, it keeps track of your progress, and can be shared with concerned family member AND Dr’s, all of which is restricted to your decision of whom you share with. CareKit for Dev’s due in April.

Apple Watch Time!!

#AppleWatch is the #1 selling wearable. It does a good bit, BUT I need to interject, People are NOT happy with the watch, non-techies.

New colors and bands announced, like woven nylon Band. Apple Watch is now $299(which I called last night)

Ok Apple TV, it does a bunch of great things, like watching all you ‘on demand’ content, but exclusively to Apple TV is watching 2 March Madness games at once. They added new features like ‘folders’ for organizing how your Apple TV is set up

iPhone: The SE; 30Million 4inch iPhones sold in 2015, so they know ppl want a smaller iPhone.
They’ve packed pretty much everything you get with the current iPhone(6s/6sPlus) into the SE including 4K recording(see gallery for everything it can do). Some are upset thinking this is a backwards step for Apple, but those are usually ppl caught up in the cosmetics of ‘how a new phone should look’, i.e. ‘is the screen bigger, is the phone thinner, can it project a laser keyboard etc etc….but know this, Apple being able to pack everything a 6s can do into a smaller version means a whole lot, especially moving forward toward the iPhone 7(not to mention brings the price down across the board)!!!

Available for pre-order this Friday(3/25) and out next Friday(4/1).

New iOS(9.3) Update: Kinda weak, that they even announced a Dot update, it has a couple new Apple stock apps like Night Shift(auto brightness control) Edu, updated CarPlay, News(they recently opened coding News for site to get in there), but mostly unexciting here(at least until we use it).

IPAD PRO: has become primary computing device for those that use. They’ve decided to make the reg iPad(size) into a Pro, and Apple is going really hard after the Windows PC market, citing that 600M ppl on PC or on a 5 year old OS, which is nasty ?. The iPad Pro series has been noted as a great ‘PC replacement’ in this ‘Post PC Era’. The price has come down by $200 across the board, and although a dope tablet, until you can save to desktop, or at the very least, a manageable file system and easier downloading, not for me, Air’s are better!!

Ok after some recapping they wrap it up, then announce the place where almost every iDevice that’s come out was announced…the place where Steve Jobs made ‘1 More Thing’ a thing, would no longer be the destination for an Apple Event(maybe 1 more), and Apple would be moving to it’s new campus(weakest 1 more thing ever, except it wasn’t a 1 more thing).

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