Oh Cudi the Kid. Cudi’s at it again (supposedly) with more (supposed) shots at Drake. Back when Drake and Future released “WATTBA”, Cudi was documented in the twittersphere for subliminally dissing Drake saying “Some of you are so easily amused and impressed by mediocrity”. Obvi there’s no Drake mention there but the timing of the project’s release and Cudi’s tweet indicated it was aimed Drizzy’s way. Well Drake just dropped 2 new singles “One Dance” & “Pop Style” featuring Kanye West & Jay-Z, and once again Cudi has impeccable timing. Hit the jump.

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Cudi tweeted out: “Too much industry d*ck lickin”, almost immediately after news broke that Drake dropped new material (you can see that tweet in the gallery above). The tweet has been on its way going viral being retweeted several thousands of times…we’ll see if it catches fire.