U.S. officials have stated that President Obama will be sending up to 250 U.S. troops to Syria in the next coming weeks. This will bring the American presence in Syria to a total of 300 to help fight ISIS.

Obama has refrained from sending American troops into Syria. This war torn country has already had at minimum 250,000 deaths over the past five years. The Islamic state also known as ISIS has proved to be a major threat both in Syria and overseas. They have taken credit for many terrorist attacks including the bombing of an Airport and metro station in Belgium.

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The troops being sent are aimed at “advising and assisting” U.S. supported Syrian Arab units. They will also be recruiting more Syrian fighters. They will not be in combat, however they will be equipped to defend themselves. This is all in an effort to take over the ISIS declared capital of Raqqa, Syria. ISIS top officials are believed to be hiding here, with a strong hold in the city. This is a potentially very dangerous mission as Raqqa is said to be a top priority for ISIS.