I guess I witnessed the birth of viral content today as a video of a woman playing on the HTC Vive’s virtual reality game set started freaking the hell out! You have to see this!

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So the video comes from a recent youtube channel by a couple who’s channel name is Karl&RenateVR. Their channel is based around their reactions to gameplay on the VR headset, HTC Vive. In this video you see Renate going bananas while playing the zombie game The Brookhaven Experiment.

Whats crazy is how you start to see Renate begin to shake and quiver in fear but those physical reactions transfer right over into the game. I don’t know about you but I thought that was pretty cool to see. At first I thought she was going to start running into furniture but it looks like the game is just a horde-mode pivotal shooter. Nonetheless, it still looks intense.

Virtual reality is assumed to revolutionize the way we play games but much of new virtual reality content and products are still in the baby stages of their development. But those small actions such as Renate’s, certainly preview what is possibly in store for us in terms of virtual behavior.

Peep the photos of the game, The Brookhaven Experiment in the gallery at the top!

You can learn more about HTC Vive and their product on their site.

Source: Karl&RenateVR