John Brennan, head of the CIA, recently reported to us that despite military efforts and hopes to cripple them financially, ISIS appears to still be a huge threat for a couple of reasons. One of the most important reasons, that stood out the most, is something that really hasn’t ever been done before.

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Technology has pretty much shaped everything these past 25 years or so. Everything in this world is different because of it, including terrorism. As some of us may know, ISIS has been recruiting many of its members through the internet. That is one of their biggest tools in gaining recruits and expanding.

But, what CIA Director John Brennan points out is that some people around the world sympathize with ISIS yet aren’t necessarily associated with them (i.e. the orlando shooter Omar Mateen). Even though they aren’t associated with ISIS, it’s still beneficial to them because a lost to the western world is a win for ISIS, it doesn’t matter if they planned it or not.

That’s what makes them so scary now. Anyone could get online and get in contact with ISIS or be influenced by them and commit horrible atrocities, like we’ve seen in Orlando and San Bernardino. And no financial stunt or battle loss could really take a toll on the enemy in that regard.

Check out John Brennan’s statement below: