IFWT_Dwight Howard

Kevin Durant is the biggest free agent available but there are other big names for the taking.  For instance, Dwight Howard is available AGAIN.  We’re far from the days of Dwightmare due to injuries and his lowered production but teams are still on the hunt for a big man and sources say he will meet with up to five.  Now we have the first two.

The Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics are the first known teams to secure face-to-face recruiting meetings with free-agent big man Dwight Howard, according to league sources.

Sources told ESPN that Howard, 30, is likely to meet with as many as five teams in free agency, with a return to the Houston Rockets widely seen as unlikely after Howard declined his $23.2 million player option for next season.

The Miami Heat, sources said, have not yet booked a meeting with Howard in free agency, but could emerge as a more serious Howard suitor after registering preliminary interest in him.

The Celtics also have a meeting with Kevin Durant while the Hawks are still trying to get one.  The Hawks in the meantime are weighing a run at Atlanta native Howard, to pair him with Al Horford in their frontcourt.  Horford is a free agent as well and is garnering considerable outside interest.

There were rumors that Howard was having issues with fellow star James Harden although both of them have denied.  The hiring of coach Mike D’Antoni whom Howard did not gel with on Lakers pretty much secured his exit.

There were rumors of mutual interest between Howard and the Knicks, that could be one of his future meetings.  They’ve also shown interest in Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol.

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