Wiz Khalifa says Kanye definitely sees him as a threat in the rap game and thats why he took such offense when Wiz questioned Ye’s “Waves” album titles idea before “The Life Of Pablo” was made official.

Posted by: Frankie Zing

Wiz sat down for an interview for his Playboy Magazine July/August issue 20Q feature, and elaborated on competition in hip-hop:

“There’s competition in rap, and Kanye obviously sees me as that.”

“That was a weird situation, because it was something I would do in real life. All I did was speak my mind. I’m a Max B fan, and if me and Kanye were in a room and he said, ‘Yo, I’mma name my album Waves,’ I’d be like, ‘Don’t do that. You’re not allowed to do that.’ Nobody really does that these days. Nobody checks niggas like, ‘Nah, nigga.’ No one is above being spoken to, and if you’ve got real friends, they’ll tell you how they feel. That’s how I handle all my situations in real life. Even if I have a problem with somebody, I’m not gonna advertise it. We can go around the corner and we can really do it. But all in front of people? That’s not me. N***as talk shit every day, and n***as say sh*t about my ex, n***as say shit about my kid. It’s all good.”

Check out the full interview above.