Fetty Wap is out here living the dream. His love life has been a focal point of his career for the last year, as he’s been linked to multiple women in seemingly serious relationships, including Atlanta model Alexis Sky, his hometown girlfriend Yaya, his one-year-old daughter’s mother Lezhae, and reality star Masika Kalysha, who recently welcomed a daughter with him as well.

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

We know that Fetty and Masika aren’t in the greatest space, but it looks like he’s taking things with Yaya and Alexis to the next level, now introducing them to each other and really making the trifecta complete. Previously, the ladies were kept separate – as one is in Atlanta and the other in New Jersey – but as Fetty has consistently professed his love for both on social media, it appears that he’s convinced them to accept each other. I’m sure Lezhae is none too happy about this, and it would appear that Masika isn’t pleased either – considering that Fetty was in LA when this photo was taken, and likely didn’t stop to visit their infant daughter once again. (Check out her tweets in the gallery.)

Yaya and Alexis also posted a photo together, both captioning it:

“What’s understood between us needs no explanation… We just livin life #QueenYa #alexisskyy”

Hey, if they like it – we love it!