Some police officers today are just too trigger happy. Last month’s shooting of 19 year old Dylan Noble of course led to public outrage, hence he wasn’t armed – but he made cops think he was. Many are deeming it “suicide by cop” because it looks like he really wanted to get shot. Right before he was shot multiple times he cried out “I f***ing hate my life” and it ended with his young life cut short and two more police officers in the public eye for shooting an unarmed person.

Posted by: Frankie Zing

WARNING: This video IS graphic and really is hard to watch. After Noble led cops on a lengthy police chase around Fresno, CA on June 25, he finally pulled over and surrendered. The officers told him not to move and show his hands, which he fake reached for a gun which led to him getting gunned down. While he’s on the ground two more shots are fired into him. Smh and r.i.p. Dylan Noble