Ty Dolla Sign shares what he thinks of the ongoing feud between two of his closest rap homies Game and Meek Mill.

Frankie Zing

Ty just sat down with XXL to discuss his latest offering, his Campaign album, whereas he went into the whole beef with Meek and Game:

“Both of them are my homies and I think the homies should get off the internet. I think we all gangsters and we ain’t supposed to be on the internet with our shit. N****s should have learned that a long ass time ago. I feel like when it’s real shit, if it’s beef or whatever the fuck they want to call it, n****s should speak like men together. Everybody’s watching on the internet so why would you want to talk shit on the internet? I don’t do that with girls or anybody. Let’s just [keep] it adult.”

Ty just linked up with Meek for “Watching” off his album and he talked about how the record came together:

“As soon as we heard the beat and I did my part, me, Gabe and Shadow, my cameraman, and everybody on the tour bus was like, ‘Yo, we should get Meek Mill on this.’ We were on a tour bus in Europe, then I brought back my part to a studio in L.A. and ran into Meek and I was like, ‘Yo, I need you on this shit.’ He killed it in like five to 10 minutes, freestyled off the top of the head.”

What’s your take on all of this “beef”? Are they doing it over the Internet just for views?