Ye just checked out of the hospital and went home under the care of his wife and personal doctor. In the meantime, it was rumored that he might hit the stage sometime soon, but that’s definitely a no go as far as we’re concerned.

Frankie Zing

Sources to TMZ reveal Kanye is in a fragile state of mind, still, and is going to need medical and psychological help. There’s no real way on how to tell when Ye will “get better”, it’s all up to him. I just feel bad that all of his business is in the media like this…

Once Ye initially suffered his mental breakdown on the anniversary of his mother’s passing, he cancelled the rest of his Saint Pablo tour. Rumors started flying that he could continue the concerts before the end of the year, but he definitely won’t be doing that and there’s no word or assumption when he’ll hit the road for more.

There’s no doubt in my mind he’ll bounce back harder and stronger than ever before after this is all set and done! And good news for his wallet…that insurance policy he bought for tour is rumored to work out for him and save him many millions.