Dwyane Wade has been waiting for tonight’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers more so than any other game on the early season schedule for the Bulls. Yes, I’m sure he still gets excited to face off against his brother Lebron but tonight’s game has special meaning. Tonight is the night that Lebron had to make good on his world series bet with Wade. Bron bet on the Indians to win and as we already know, the Cubs won in dramatic fashion in game seven, to give them their first World Series win in more than 100 years. It also meant that Bron would have to dress up in full Chicago Cubs gear and he was a man of his word as he arrived tonight looking like he was ready to take the field.


You know Wade was just waiting on Lebron to walk into the arena.

#DwyaneWades reaction to #LeBron paying up on his bet ???

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Lebron actually took the bet pretty serious, even getting his exact measurements to the Cubs themselves so they could make him a real uniform that would be ready for game action.

Wade’s reaction was hilarious but as soon as the game starts, all that friendly stuff will have to be put on hold.