#Freestyle044 Listen, you may have caught the Homie’s full story, but you know what we do, ultimately we get to the music!! Now Desiigner has that new heat rock Outlet out, but we needed a little special sauce…’Giving me Brain and I’m thinking too fast’ ?.

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I’m gonna keep it one Thou…. I like to quote pieces from these, and although you can clearly understand, there are 2 lines I really loved, the first up there about thinking too fast ☝?, and the one about your chick giving you brain we’ll she’s washing the dishes…. that’s incredible ?. Check it out;

Ya Dig!! Again I know some are going to point out that Desiigner is a leader in the new music space that some consider mumbles, but you can clearly hear what he’s saying so that’s out the window, and Yes, because he’s NYC we def want him to win, we support our City!!!!