Desiigner Spits Rapid Fire In #Feestyle044 With Funk Flex On Hot97

#Freestyle044 Listen, you may have caught the Homie’s full story, but you know what we do, ultimately we get to the music!! Now Desiigner has that new heat rock Outlet out, but we needed a little special sauce…’Giving me Brain and I’m thinking too fast’ ?.

Kendall Jenner Admits To Being A Workaholic And Growing Up Too Fast!

Kendall Jenner opens up to Wall Street Journal about her famous family and being pushed in the spotlight at such a young age. Read her story after the jump…

(Video) NFL: This Is Scary! Jadeveon Clowney Wows NFL Scouts With Speed!

When a guy who is basically 6’5 and weighs 270 pounds can move this fast you have to wonder if he is human. Everyone is expecting Jadeveon Clowney to be selected in the top 2 or 3 picks in the NFL draft and he made sure of that by putting on a show today for the NFL scouts. At the rookie combine today, where teams and scouts put players entering the draft through numerous test and drills, Clowney blew everyone away literally. He was clocked unofficially at 4.47 in the 40 yard dash, which for a man his size is just crazy. Some of the fastest players already in the NFL can’t run that fast and those would be receivers and running backs. He even had Olympic sprinter Maurice Green, who once held the world record in the 100 meter dash, and trains fast guys like Reggie Bush & Richard Sherman say that he has never seen anything like it. This kid will be playing defensive line where usually guys are slow because of how big they are. I am sure quarterbacks around the league can already feel Clowney chasing them down since he is faster than damn near every one of them. Hit the jump to see.

(Video) NBA: Shaq Wants To Know If This Video of John Wall Is Real?!

Have you seen this video of John Wall?!  Could he possibly be that fast & dunk?!  Well Shaq asked his followers late last night what they thought. John Wall even responded to the tweet. Lol. Check it out…

Hungry And Lazy But Don’t Want To Eat Junk?? Check Out THESE Fast Snack Ideas!!

I’m always hungry, but too lazy at the same time make something. Eating half a box of Cheez-Its isn’t doing any justice. Lol So, here’s a few snack ideas you can make at home in under 5 minutes. Replace some of your junk food at your house, and try out these tasty and healthy snacks! Brandon F For snack ideas click below! 10 Super Snack You Can Make Under 5 Minutes

NFL:(Video) Crazy!! Watch How Fast This NFL Receiver Can Run

You might have no clue who Robert Gill is, but you will after this. Gill is a 29 year old rookie on the Arizona Cardinals who has been through alot to finally make an NFL roster. He has been cut numerous times, played in the CFL and the Arena League. But Gill might be able to keep a spot on the NFL with this speed. He hit 25MPH on a treadmill and it actually looks crazy to see his legs move that fast. He literally might be the fastest player in the league. The Cardinals can sure use some help scoring points so it seems like a good fit. Watch the video below and watch his legs while he is running, doesn’t even look real, but trust me it is.

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