(Video) NBA: Dwyane Wade Tells Exactly When He Knew Lebron Wasn’t Coming Back To Miami


Dwyane Wade still loves Lebron and supports his decision, but he says he knows exactly when he realized Lebron wasn’t coming back. Wade said Friday that he could just tell from James’ body language during a flight from Las Vegas that he would not be coming back. Wade speaks alot of truth in this interview though. You just can’t knock Lebron for the decision he made and Wade’s backs him up on that. Hit the jump.

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(Video) Sports: Man With No Arms Throws Out First Pitch Of Major League Game


Tom Willis was born with no hands or arms, yet he still lives just about as normal of a life as you and I. He drives, takes care of himself the same way we do. He even has managed to teach himself how to throw a baseball despite the obvious face you usually need arms and hands to do that. It is actually pretty skillful what he does. Not too mention 50 cent has his arms and still threw a worse pitch than this guy did.

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(Video) NFL: Say What: Former NY Giant Brandon Jacobs Now Acting In Action Movies?


I must admit I never saw this coming and it’s still hard to watch. Former running back Brandon Jacobs, who was a beast on the field is now trying his hand at acting and wants to make a career of it. The project is called “The Grievance Group” — in which Jacobs plays the leader of a militant army trying to protect his community. He’s pretty bad ass … he yells at a bunch of people, fights a guy in army fatigues and (pretends) to fire an heavy duty machine gun.We spoke with the film’s directer Rob Hawk who tells us they started shooting the flick about 7 months ago in New Jersey — and he’s almost finished with production. Hawk says the movie will open in 20 theaters on the East Coast in September and hopes it expands from there. As for Brandon, we’re told he’s got a real interest in acting — and hopes this role can springboard his action career.

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(Video) NBA: Kevin Durant, James Harden & Paul George Go At It In Team USA Practice


Nothing like playing against the best players in the world on a daily basis to help increase your game. After team USA practice yesterday, KD, Harden and Paul George decided to play King of the Hill and all of their offensive skills were on full display. I can’t wait for this tournament to start in a few weeks. Hit the jump.

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(Photo) NBA: Is 76ers Rookie Joel Embiid Taking A Shot At Ray Rice With This Tweet?


Domestic violence is a touchy subject for anybody, especially if you have personal history with an issue like that. Yesterday Ray Rice spoke for the first time since being suspended by the NFL after his situation with his now wife back in February. Rice apologized profusely and seemed to really feel what he had done and genuinely wants to change his life moving forward. Not long after his press conference though, 76ers rookie Joel Embiid sent out a random tweet but given the timing it seems to be a shot at Rice, before almost immediately deleting it. Check it out , how you guys feel?

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NBA: Report, Derrick Rose Didn’t Really Want Carmelo In Chicago, Wanted This Star Instead


Because of the position they are in, athletes at times can’t really say how they truly feel. They have to play the game with the media to avoid being torched in papers and online. With that said though, they can still convey the message they are trying to send in other ways. According to reports, Derrick Rose really was never too enthusiastic about the chance of Carmelo joining him in Chicago, despite other friendly reports. He really wanted another star to come join him and he actually participated in trying to recruit him. Hit the jump.

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(Video) Sports: Which Team USA Member Wants To Follow In Weezy’s Footsteps


Lil Wayne has the sports world in a frenzy with his recent announcement of having a sports management agency and signing his first mega-star client, Cristiano Ronaldo! It seems to have inspired other athletes to start thinking long term about business as well. One in particular, Jermaine Jones from the Mens Team USA soccer team, wants to do exactly what Wayne is doing and loves that he is involved with soccer. Check it out after the jump.

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(Video) Sports: Uh-Oh! Stephen A Smith In Hot Water With ESPN Colleagues Over Domestic Violence Comments


Stephen A Smith finds himself at odds with a colleague at the ESPN network today after his comments about domestic violence, which came after a discussion about Ravens running back Ray Rice. Michelle Beadle, who works at ESPN and usually hosts SportsNation said she if deeply offended by Stephen and “will never feel clean again” according to her. If you heard the show you know Stephen A was not trying to be offensive, he just didn’t word himself correctly. I am not defending him but it was clear the way Beadle tried to take it was not the way Stephen was trying to present it. Beadle herself said she was in an abusive relationship in the past said “I’m thinking about wearing a miniskirt this weekend…I’d hate to think what I’d be asking for by doing so @stephenasmith. #dontprovoke”. She is trying to turn it into something bigger than it is or was meant to be by Smith. She has also grandstanded in the past when the Jets signed Mike Vick she said she would no longer root for them if they like to employ people like him. Forget the fact Vick is changed person and that dog fighting issue was over six years ago. Do you guys think she has the right to take Smith’s comments to heart? Check the video.

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NBA: Carmelo Says He Doesn’t Care About Money & How He Almost Went To Chicago


Carmelo wants people to know he doesn’t care about money at this point, despite staying with a bad Knicks team for much more money. While speaking with reporters, he also let it be known how close he was to really signing with the Bulls and leaving NYC in his rear view. In the end it was his belief in the team and faith in Phil Jackson and what he can do that brought him back. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Shaq Ready To Rock The Mic For NBA 2K15, Drops Freestyle For Pharrell


Shaq is ready to make his return to the rap game, even if for just one short moment. Shaq is campaigning Pharrell to let him get on the soundtrack for the NBA 2K15 game. Pharrell has been given the task of laying down the tracks for the game and Shaq is making it clear he wants in. Check out what he had to say.

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