NCAA: Louisville Basketball Imposes Post Season Ban Amid Allegations Of Using Prostitutes With Recruits


The rest of the college basketball season was looking pretty good for the Louisville Cardinals and coach Rick Pitino. They were ranked #19 and had just beaten #2 ranked North Carolina and were getting ready to gear up for the NCAA tournament. Now however, thanks to some serious allegations, the school has self imposed a post season ban for one year.

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NFL: HGH Rumors Surrounding Peyton Manning Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon


The Washington Post dropped a serious bomb of info regarding Peyton Manning and the human growth hormones (HGH) he is rumored to have received. As you know, Manning has adamantly denied ever using anything and considering how un-athletic his body has looked his career, most people believe the story is nonsense. There are folks out there though who are reserving their opinion until more things can be proven or unproven and those folks would be very interested in this info.

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NBA: Steph Curry Recalls The First Time He Tried To Trash Talk Kobe As A Rookie….It Didn’t Go Well!


Steph Curry is currently enjoying being recognized and respected as one of the best players in the world, if not THE best player in the world. Steph’s rise to stardom has been more recent though. Back when he was a rookie, not many people cared about him or how he felt and you can count Kobe Bryant as one of those people.

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(Video) NFL: Snoop Makes Cam Dab For Him, Asks Peyton For Papa Johns Discount During Super Bowl Interview


Cam Newton appeared to just be sick and tired of Super Bowl media until he realized who was about to ask him the next question. His entire face lit up when he saw Snoop Dogg standing there, doing media for the Rich Eisen show. Snoop was able to get Cam to dab before asking him a question. Snoop also had the chance to talk to Peyton Manning and with his love of weed, he wanted to get a 50% discount off Papa John’s whenever he is in Colorado to which Peyton happily agreed. Guys like Snoop make the media around the big game fun because there are way too many people asking stupid questions and not having any fun with it.

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Boxing: (Update W/Video) One Man Dead, Others Wounded After Men Dressed As Police Start Shooting At Weigh-In!


A gangland style shooting that took place at a weigh in for a boxing match today in Dublin, Ireland has left one man dead and many others who were in attendance wounded.

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NFL: Johnny Manziel’s Dad Believes His Son Will Be Dead By Age 24 If He Doesn’t Get Help


Johnny Manziel appears closer and closer to hitting rock bottom and by now he is so out of control that his own father is fearing the worst. Paul Manziel told the Dallas Morning News that if his son doesn’t get help, he fears he will die before he turns 24.

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(Video) NFL: Don’t Ask Marshawn Lynch If He Is Coming Back Next Year Unless You Are Ready For This


Marshawn Lynch is an awesome guy despite how the media tries to portray him. His playing career is currently up in the air as he ponders retirement or possibly playing with a new team next year. As Beast Mode walked into a charity event, a TMZ camerman asked him about coming back next year. The response is classic.

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(Video) NBA: Golden State Warriors Visit The White House & President Obama Has Jokes For Days


President Obama was definitely “clowning” when he had the Warriors inside the White House yesterday. The reigning NBA champs were there to visit the President like every other championship team has but the POTUS seemed to have alot of fun with them. The jokes were on point and makes you realize whoever the next president is, they just won’t be anywhere near as cool as President Obama has been.

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(Video) NBA: Reggie Miller Challenges Drake To All-Star Ping Pong, Says “Don’t Treat Me Like Meek Mill


Reggie Miller laid down a challenge to Drake in his hometown for All Star weekend and he accepted. The two will face off in some type of ping pong battle in Toronto after Drake confirmed on twitter he was in. That prompted Reggie to speak about it during the Knicks vs Pistons game which he was calling on TNT. Of course, anytime someone mentions Drake, the name Meek Mill will usually be soon to follow. Reggie is already asking for mercy, hoping Drake doesn’t treat him the same.

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(Video) NBA: Kobe Got Dunked On, Came Right Back With Game Clinching Shot, Adds Finger Wag For Good Measure


The Lakers surprisingly looked pretty decent last night. I realize it was against the lowly Pelicans but still! Kobe in particular looked good as he dropped 27 points and grabbed 12 rebounds. Late in the game however, he had to be reminded he doesn’t have the hops he used to, as Ryan Anderson threw down the hammer on him. In classic Kobe style though, he came right back down the court and buried the game clinching three point shot and threw in a Dikembe Mutombo style finger wag.

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