Sports: Report, Young Money & Lil Wayne’s Manager Sued Over Wayne Not Paying For Sports Tickets


Lil Wayne is constantly seen at big athletic events. Whether it’s a Floyd Mayweather fight, an NBA playoff game, The Super Bowl, you name it and he is usually there. Depending on who you ask however, he may not have paid for any of those tickets and his company is now being sued because of it.

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(Video) Sports: Ice Cube Sits Down With ESPN & Judges Kobe, Shumpert & Other Rapping Athletes

Ice Cube and his son, O'Shea Jackson Jr.

Some athletes never need to go anywhere near a studio but they do it anyway. Having access to money and connections starts to make some of them believe they actually have skills on the mic but in reality they sound like the worst rappers ever. There are a few exceptions and the OG Ice Cube, going hard on his “Straight Outta Compton” promo run, stopped by ESPN to give us his thoughts.

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(Photos) NBA: Even Though Kobe Is His Teammate Now, D’Angelo Russell Says Tracy McGrady Might Be The GOAT


Did D’Angelo Russell fall down yesterday and bump his head? Is he going out of his way to make Kobe hate him before be ever even knows him? D’Angelo has already been caught making fun of Kobe and his style on the court and now he is just being disrespectful, even though it’s not purposely.

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Boxing: Miguel Cotto & Canelo Alvarez Sign Contract For Possibly The Most Exciting Fight Of The Year


Turns out Floyd Mayweather won’t have the biggest fight of the fall because it was just announced yesterday that Miguel Cotto will square off with Canelo Alvarez on November 21st. Cotto vs Alvarez is going to be a crowd favorite thanks to the all out brawl that is expected between them.

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(Video) NBA: Victor Oladipo Crosses Over Michael Carter Williams Then Dunks On Him During Team USA Scrimmage


There isn’t much to this post. Just one NBA player making another look bad as they both fight for a long shot spot on the Team USA Olympic squad. Victor Oladipo showed Michael Carter Williams he had no business trying to guard him as he hit him with a quick cross and then finished the play with the one handed slam over MCW. Neither one of these guys have a shot in hell at making the squad but they are definitely in the running for future teams. MCW might wish he never showed up last night.

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NBA: Lebron James Promises To Cover The College Tuition Of 1,100 Kids In His Foundation!


Welp, can we just give the NBA man of the year award to Lebron already? Because it will be quite hard for any other player to do something that tops Bron’s generosity and compassion off the court after the announcement he just made. Yesterday Bron said that he and the university of Akron will be covering the full expense of college for the 1,100 kids that are currently apart of his Lebron James Family Foundation.

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(Video) NFL: Lions Rookie Ameer Abdullah Is Already Breaking Defenders Ankles In His First Game


When Lions rookie running back Ameer Abdullah was in college last year at Nebraska, he was known as one of the best in the country. Now that he is at the pro level, he is doing all he can to keep his name recognized. Last night in his first preseason game he showed some of his ability as he made a Jets defender look super silly, making him spin in circles as he blew past. It feels good to see football back but the Jets looked like they wished they were home.

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NCAA: Report, Snoop’s Son, Cordell Broadus, Quits Football, Walks Away From UCLA Team


In a somewhat shocking move, Cordell Broadus, son of Snoop Dogg, has decided to quit football and leave the UCLA team before he ever played a single snap. Broadus was an incoming freshman and one of the more highly rated wide receivers in the country coming out of high school, but apparently he has other ideas for himself.

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NBA: Report, Michael Jordan’s Name Alone Is Worth Close To $500 Million Dollars!


Michael Jordan is currently in the middle of a lawsuit with a grocery chain that tried to use his likeness to sell steaks and coupons. Because of the litigation in the court room, some sensitive information on Jordan’s side is needing to be disclosed, including some of the details of the contract he has with Nike.

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NCAA: Justin Combs Is Officially Back With UCLA After That Whole Kettlebell Incident


It appears as if both UCLA and Justin Combs are putting the past behind them and working together to move forward. Report say head coach, Jim Mora, personally talked with Justin last week so they can focus on the real reason he is there, which is to get an education and play football.

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