NFL: Very Disturbing Details Surrounding The Death Of NFL Player Rob Bironas


This unfortunately is not a good story to tell, but it must be addressed. Earlier this week NFL kicker Rob Bironas was thought to of died in a tragic car accident when he lost control of his SUV. Details are now emerging though about what really happened and there are 911 calls to confirm the true version of events. It appears Bironas himself was trying to run people off the road and he wound up being the one to lose control. Hit the jump.

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NBA: (Update) Hornets Player Jeffrey Taylor Assaulted Woman & Man During Domestic Dispute


An update from the earlier story today of Charlotte Hornets player Jeffrey Taylor being arrested for domestic violence. There were not many details earlier this morning but now some have been made public. Turns out Taylor was attacking a woman who plays soccer for Michigan State University, at a hotel near the campus and another man was involved as well. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Lebron Says Weight Loss Is Not Good For His Competition In The NBA


Lebron has an interview with Rachel Nichols of CNN that will air tonight where he speaks on a wide range of topics. Earlier this week he posted the story about the part where Bron shared his thoughts on what would of kept him in South Beach, but now there is more. Everyone knows he has been going hard with the weight loss this summer and in some pictures looks like a totally different guy. He is basically putting the league on notice that they will want no parts of him with his new lower weight. Hit the jump.

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NFL: Drew Brees Has War Of Words With Former Saints Teammate, Drops Lawsuit Against Him


Drew Brees is giving up today on a lawsuit against one of his former teammates, Kevin Houser. The two were teammates on the Saints before Houser became a licensed security broker and left the team. The two had become friends and Houser convinced Brees to make an investment into a fake company according to Brees.

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Boxing: Does Manny Pacquiao Actually Make More Money Than Floyd Mayweather? This Person Thinks So


Anytime Floyd Mayweather fights you see those huge fight purses he is guaranteed, even is he loses. Sometimes it’s around $32 million, sometimes higher, sometimes slighter lower. All those numbers would have you thinking that nobody else in boxing could even come close to making that money. In fact Floyd was named as the highest earning athlete in the country for this past year, bringing in over $80 million. But a prominent name in boxing thinks Manny Pacquiao actually winds up bring more money home than Floyd after taxes and other payouts.

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NFL: Report, Police Say They Sent Video Of Ray Rice Hitting His Wife Directly To Head Of NFL Security!


This story is not going to go away anytime soon cause it seems everyday someone new is releasing some type of information. Despite the claims from Roger Goodell and the NFL as a whole that nobody saw the more graphic video of Ray Rice punching his wife in that elevator in Atlantic City, Police are adamantly saying they 100% sent that same video to the head of NFL security, Jeffrey Miller. The police do not have anything to gain or lose in this situation so they really have no reason to fabricate a story like this. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NFL: Gotta Love This! NFL Player Gives Daughter A Pep Talk Before Surgery To Remove Cancer


If this story doesn’t warm your heart then I feel bad for you. Devon Still, a member of the Cincinnati Bengals has a beautiful little daughter name Leah who has been fighting cancer. The Bengals actually cut Still this preseason, but re-signed him just to help him pay for all the procedures his daughter needs. Yesterday was the big day as it was time for surgery to get that cancer out of Leah and daddy was in football mode giving his daughter a pep talk that will leave you with a huge smile on your face. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Michael Jordan Isn’t Going To Like This, Hornets Player Arrested For Domestic Violence


The NFL has had it’s troubles recently with what seems an onslaught of domestic violence situation involving it’s players. Now the NBA is drawing some of that same negative attention as a member of the Charlotte Hornets was arrested and charged with domestic violence, assault and malicious destruction of property. You can bet neither Michael Jordan nor NBA commissioner Adam Silver are gonna be happy about this.

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NBA: SMH, Former NBA Star Arrested For Stealing How Much From Apple Store??


Damn homie, times must be hard. Former NBA player Rex Chapman, who played for the Hornets, Suns, Bullets & more and was actually a decent shooter was arrested after being caught out there stealing a total of $14,000 worth of merchandise from an Apple store in Arizona. He was caught after the items he stole were discovered being sold to pawn shops.

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(Photos) NFL: Draya Lets Twitter Know She Is Single & Chad Johnson Wastes No Time Responding


Rumor has had it that Draya was on the verge of a breakup with long time boyfriend & Dallas Cowboys Player Orlando Scandrick, but she made sure to make it official today. With a very simple tweet she put to rest any rumors and let us know she is single! Dudes rejoiced as they thought for a second they could have a chance with her before reality set in. One of the first people to acknowledge and respond to her tweet was you guessed it, Chad Johnson. Hit the jump.

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