Boxing: Report, Floyd Mayweather Will Make $120 Million, Pacquiao Will Make $80 Million, But There Is More


The money that is going to be made for this historical fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is going to be CRAZY! The contract was negotiated 60-40 in favor of Floyd, which was expected, but that is still a ton of guaranteed money for Pacquiao was well. Floyd will take home $120 million, while Pacman will take home $80 million. However that isn’t the end of the money. That is just for the fight itself, there is still money to be made.

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(Photos) Boxing: Manny Pacquiao Responds To Contract Finally Being Signed To Fight Floyd Mayweather


It almost still doesn’t feel real that we are finally going to see the biggest fight in the history of boxing. In case you somehow didn’t hear, last night Floyd Mayweather announced the contract was signed by both fighters and they are ready to get it on May 2nd from the MGM in Las Vegas. We didn’t hear from Pacquiao until a little later but it was obvious he was very excited about the fight being a reality.

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NBA: Lebron Says Current Cavs Team Can Win Championship Now, Forget Next Year


When Lebron decided to return to Cleveland he was sure to mention he didn’t think the team would win a championship this year, even after the trade for Kevin Love. He was just trying to deflect any pressure that came with him returning, but now since the Cavs have been playing very well lately, Bron sounds like he is changing his tune.

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NBA: Report, Chris Bosh Will Miss The Rest Of The Season Due To Health Concerns


Friends, family and fans are just hoping for the best for Chris Bosh at the moment. He is still currently in the hospital after going there on his own after feeling some discomfort for a few days. It was a good thing he did because it became a very dangerous situation, that for now appears to be ok. Even with that said, sources are saying Bosh will be forced to miss the rest of the season so he can get the proper treatment for a possible blood clot.

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Boxing: (Update With Details) Floyd Mayweather Announces Fight With Manny Pacquiao May 2nd!!


FINALLY! After all the b.s. and nonsense, we can now believe the mega fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is happening. Why is it different this time compared to all the other false rumors in the past? Because this time Floyd himself made the announcement which is all he really wanted to do in the first place via the “Shots” app that he is a partner in. He posted a picture of the contract with the signatures of BOTH fighters. This is no longer just a rumor or a bad source, this is the real deal!! This will without a doubt be the biggest fight in the history of the sport, and that is saying alot! The hype is going to be so real the next couple months. Check the gallery for the contract!

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(Video) NBA: LOL, Jamal Crawford’s Crossover Makes Patty Mills Look Like He Is Proposing Marriage


Jamal Crawford is one of the most exciting players to watch in the NBA because you know at any given moment he is capable of dropping someone with a crossover and hitting an amazing shot like it was everyday work. Last night, Patty Mills looked like he wanted to ask Crawford to marry him after he dropped him to one knee with some quick dribbling. Defenders be aware.

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(Photos) NFL: SMH, Johnny Manziel Goes To Rehab, “Cokeboy Johnny” Doll Appears On Amazon


This is kinda foul, but I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty damn funny. I know with Johnny Manziel being in rehab this may come off as bad taste, but the truth is Johnny will be fine and he will be playing football next season. Someone decided to take the time to make a Johnny doll that is perfect for a trip to rehab, even added a cocaine habit as part of the deal. You can find the doll on for a mere $10.99! Some people will get a good laugh, some people will be in their feelings. Check the gallery!

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(Video) Boxing: Roger Mayweather Speaks On Floyd/Pacquiao Fight, Says Manny Will Get Knocked Out


You want to hear some straight honest answers when you ask a question? Then talk to Roger Mayweather! He will tell you exactly what he is thinking and it doesn’t matter what language he is using or what topic he is discussing, he is going to be blunt! As you might expect he believes Floyd will handle Manny Pacquiao with no problem if they ever fight, but Roger went further than that. He thinks Floyd will knock Manny out and the fight won’t last longer than six rounds! I don’t know about all that now, but it is entertaining listening to him explain it. Hopefully we have the actual fight to talk about soon.

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NBA: Kevin Durant Is Upset Social Media Turned His MVP Speech Into A Joke


Kevin Durant has a message for fans on social media. Stop thinking his MVP speech was the appropriate thing to make a joke out of. KD is dead serious about this by the way and you can tell it really bothered him. I am so glad he is saying this because yes, I understand it’s fine to make light hearted jokes out of things, but making a joke out of an emotional thing just for the sake of being funny is what is wrong with social media., amongst many other things.

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NFL: Report, Adrian Peterson Doesn’t Trust Vikings, Not Sure About Returning


Adrian Peterson will likely be playing football in 2015 after he at some point gets reinstated by the commissioner, but it sounds more and more like Minnesota will not be that place. Peterson admits he loves the new coaching staff that he was only able to play one game under, but it’s the front office and numerous other people that he no longer trusts within the organization. Vikings fans are nervous and fans of other teams can have a glimmer of hope to see AP wearing their team colors.

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