NBA: Allen Iverson Is Not A Fan Of Lifting Weights Or Healthy Players Sitting Out Games

photo credit Allen Iverson will rarely, if ever, filter himself when he speaks. If you ask him a question you better be prepared for some hard, cold truth whether it’s about something serious or not. Last night when he was in Philly for his “Hall of Fame Night”, Iverson did some interviews and two funny and interesting topics came up. His answers to both shouldn’t surprise anyone.

(Video) NBA: Kenny Smith Says The Dress Code For Craig Sager’s Funeral Will Be “Loud”

photo credit The basketball world lost Craig Sager on Thursday after his long fight with leukemia and his family, friends and even fans have been in mourning. Now that a couple days have passed, people like his good friend and colleague, Kenny Smith, are trying to get over the mourning and start remembering the good times and celebrating his life. Kenny was at the airport where he was asked what would he be wearing to the funeral services considering Sager’s elaborate style. He didn’t even hesitate to say that Sager already told everyone they need to be dressed very loudly when they come see him for the final time.

(Video) NBA: Allen Iverson Is Honored By The Sixers On Hall Of Fame Night

photo credit The Sixers didn’t win their game last night against the Lakers but everything was still all good in Philly. Sevyn Streeter was finally able to sing the National Anthem the way she should have been able to back in October but of course, the night overall belonged to Allen Iverson and his hall of fame celebration.

(Video) NBA: DeMarcus Cousins Lashes Out At Reporter For Writing About His Brother

photo credit DeMarcus Cousins is once again catching heat from the media over a video that was released yesterday, in which Cousins is cursing out a reporter and being somewhat threatening over a story that was written. The reporter, Andy Furillo, who works for the Sacramento Bee, wrote a story about Cousins and Matt Barnes incident at a NYC nightclub in which they are being sued by a man and woman who accused the players of attacking them. Barnes & Cousins both maintain they were minding their business when people began harassing them and starting a fight. In the story, Furillo mentions another time Cousins was involved in a nightclub fight, an incident in which he was ushered away fast but his brother wound up getting arrested. The mention of his family is what set Cousins off as Furillo suggested he find new places to hang out.

(Video) NBA: Sevyn Streeter Finally Sings The National Anthem In Philly While Wearing “We Matter” Jersey

Sevyn Streeter was finally able to sing the National Anthem her own way, while rocking her “We Matter” jersey last night in Philadelphia. It was back on October 26th that the Sixers cancelled her performance just before she was about to sing when they found out what she was wearing. The backlash came fast and furious and they knew they messed up bad and were immediately trying to work on a new date for Sevyn to return.

(Video) NBA: Lamar Odom Opens Up About His Drug Use And Being In A Coma

photo credit Lamar Odom is currently in rehab, which he decided he needed on his own after feeling like he was heading in the wrong direction. He reportedly was having a tough time dealing with issues from his infant son’s death, which occurred back in 2006 when six month old Jayden, passed away from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). While he focuses on getting himself stronger again, “The Doctors” released a snippet of an interview they did with Lamar a few weeks ago, where he opened up about his drug use and being scared to death after he realized he couldn’t talk when he woke from his coma.

(Video) NCAA: Footage Released Of Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon Punching A Woman In The Face

photo credit The Oklahoma Sooners are getting ready for the Sugar Bowl in a couple weeks but star running back, Joe Mixon, is going to have plenty of distractions. That’s because footage of Mixon punching and knocking a woman unconscious was just released today and it’s brutal.

NBA: Steph Curry Is Set To Break The Bank This Summer With A Deal Worth More Than $200 Million!

photo credit The money truck is going be backing up to Steph Curry’s house this summer in a way that no NBA player has ever seen before. If you thought that this past summer was crazy in NBA free agency, just wait until next summer. That’s thanks to the new collective bargaining agreement, which will allow more spending, more players on rosters and will give a serious home court advantage to teams trying to resign their own players.

NBA: Here’s How Craig Sager Reportedly Helped Save Dennis Rodman From Committing Suicide

photo credit The story of Dennis Rodman contemplating suicide back in 1993 and Craig Sager being somewhat involved is not new in itself. It’s a story that has been shared before, namely in his autobiography in 1996 titled “Bad As I Wanna Be” and then again in an interview in 2011. Seeing how Sager unfortunately passed away yesterday and Rodman took to twitter to publicly thank him for preventing him from taking his own life, this is a good a time as ever to go back and share some more specific details of what happened on that night in 93′.

NFL: He’s Back! Adrian Peterson Announces He Will Play This Sunday

photo gallery Adrian Peterson is not the same type of human as you and I. Despite tearing his meniscus earlier this season in week two, the Minnesota Vikings running back announced today during a radio interview that he will be on the field this Sunday against the Colts.

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