NFL: Report, Wal-Mart Says There Is NO Video Of Dez Bryant Harming Anyone


Well Well…sounds like “respected” NFL reporters like Mike Florio and Adam Schefter have some explaining to do! You remember all the Dez Bryant rumors about an alleged video involving him doing something “five times worse than Ray Rice”, these were the two guys who had us all believing we were on the verge of finding everything out. Well we damn sure found something out when Wal-Mart officially said there is no video recording with Dez Bryant on it. Allegedly the so called incident happened in 2011 at a Wal-Mart in Texas and the surveillance footage is what had Dez pinned.

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NFL: Victor Cruz Says Odell Beckham Jr Needs To Watch Himself


Victor Cruz has some words of advice for his young star teammate, Odell Beckham Jr. Watch your words wisely. Cruz’s comments come after earlier this week Odell went on sort of a rant on twitter about the way people treat him and others. Sounds like his new found fame is making him look differently at things, but it comes with the territory and Cruz is the perfect example of how to handle it.

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(Video) NBA: White Guy Problems! Mike Dunleavy Gets Stuffed By The Rim On Ugly Dunk Attempt


C’mon Mike, you’re making us look bad bro! All jokes aside, this dunk attempt last night by the Bulls Mike Dunleavy suggest he should never try it again. Just hit those jumpers and be happy.

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NCAA: Jim Boeheim & Syracuse Have To Forfeit Wins, Lose Scholarships, Face Probation After Ruling


The long anticipated report from the NCAA on the Syracuse basketball program was released today and it is not good for the orange or coach Jim Boeheim. The committee decided the school must forfeit wins, lose scholarships the next few years, and be on probation. In addition coach Boeheim will be suspended for the first 9 conference games next year. Cuse did get some good news however when they were not banned from post season play except for the ban they gave themselves for this season. This will make recruiting much easier as they don’t have to worry about top high school kids shunning them because of a ban.

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NBA: Report, J. Prince Is Really The Person Responsible For Getting Steve Francis His Chain Back


Turns out someone with much more influence in Hip Hop, especially in Texas, was the real reason for Steve Francis getting his chain returned after it was snatched during a concert in Houston this week. Rap-A-Lot records CEO, J. Prince allegedly put the word out that the chain needed to be returned to Francis immediately and it didn’t take long for the chain to surface after that.

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(Video) Sports: Lil Wayne Shows Off Some Skating Skills In New Video, Shares Thoughts On NBA MVP #FWA


Lil Wayne is serious about his skating and appears to be getting better judging from this small video. Weezy obviously still has alot to learn, but he seems to be putting in the work to get some respect in the skate world. He made sure to post the video with the #FWA Free Weezy Album hashtag, which the world still patiently awaits. It is still good to see some good news surrounding Wayne instead of the negativity regarding the lawsuits with Cash Money and his fallout with Birdman. Prior to uploading the video, Weezy also shared his thoughts on who should win NBA MVP! Check the gallery and check out the video.

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NFL: Report, Chicago Bears Trade Star Receiver Brandon Marshall To The Jets!


The Chicago Bears have agreed to trade wide receiver Brandon Marshall to the New York Jets, a source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. The trade, which cannot become official until free agency opens Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET, will also rely on Marshall passing a physical. The Bears were rumored to only be asking for a mid-round draft pick in return. No word on what the Jets offered yet but this is a HUGE gain on the offensive side of the ball for the Jets, especially with a shaky quarterback situation. Check the gallery!

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(Photo) NBA: Is Kevin Durant Taking A Shot At Russell Westbrook With This Deleted Tweet?


I hate writing anything that remotely has to do with making it seem like there is a problem between Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook because the media has tried to do that for years. We all know these guys are good friends & support each other, but KD has to realize when he tweets, things can be taken a totally different way. Earlier this week, a fan on KD’s timeline was trashing Russell because he was a huge Durant fan and didn’t like the sudden hype Russ was getting.

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NBA: Report, Blazers Wesley Matthews Done For The Season After Tearing ACL


Trail Blazers starter Wesley Matthews tore his left Achilles tendon Thursday night and will miss the rest of the season, the team announced. This is a huge blow for the Blazers as Matthews has all star level type talent and contributes in big ways for the Blazers. In his absence, newly acquired Arron Afflalo will need to step up more than anticipated.

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NFL: Las Vegas VIP Host Claims Rob Gronkowski Was Doing Cocaine In His Club, Then Changes Story


A Vegas party promoter needs to realize you can’t just tweet things because you feel like it. There could be repercussions or in this case, you actually bring negative light on someone else! Jay Farber, a VIP host in Sin City tweeted that Rob Gronkowski was partying hard at his club, and the partying included some cocaine! He also said he had video, but to be fair he never said he had video of Gronk doing blow, just of partying and acting crazy. Gossip sports blogger Terez Owens asked him about the video because if the words athlete, cocaine and video are in the same sentence it is going to draw attention.

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