(Video/Photo) Olympics: French Gymnast Suffers Gruesome Leg Break


French gymnast Samir Aït Saïd came to Rio with the same hopes of every other Olympian, which is to leave wit a medal. Unfortunately for him, he suffered a terrible leg injury while attempting to land after hitting the vault. The video you are going to see is very gruesome and you can even hear the snap as he lands. It’s a shame to put in all the work to get here and it end like this.

(Video) NBA: Dennis Rodman Explains How He Broke His D*ck Three Separate Times


Even before I watched this video and listened to Dennis Rodman talk, I could already feel myself preparing for pain as if this happened to me. You usually hear about guys breaking an arm, leg, finger etc but hearing someone say “I broke my d*ck” just doesn’t happen, unless you’re Rodman, who somehow managed to do it three different times which resulted in blood going everywhere.

NBA: Blake Griffin Gets Green Light From Fox To Produce Animated Show Based On His Life


Blake Griffin is showing us this week that he has plans for life after basketball. He did a stand up comedy routine last week which was actually pretty damn funny and feels like if he took it serious he could do pretty well. Now we have news of him getting the “Ok” from Fox to produce a animated show loosely based on his own life.

(Video) NBA: Drake Brings Derrick Rose On Stage At MSG, Says He’s Taking The Knicks “All The Way”


Derrick Rose hasn’t played a home game yet at MSG but he already knows what the roar of the crowd will sound like when his name is called thanks to Drake. Last night was the second night of Drake performing at MSG and on night one he said he was “feeling like D-Rose” on stage and last night he went ahead and had the new Knicks starting point guard on stage with him, along with his son, PJ.

NBA: Lebron James Refuses To Let His Sons Have Cell Phones


Lebron James’ sons can pretty much have anything in this world that they want thanks to their dads hard work to become the biggest basketball star on the planet but there are still some things they aren’t allowed to have. Lebron is in full dad mode when it comes to his kids, mainly the older Lebron James Jr aka Bronny on the matters of having a cell phone. While so many parents are out here giving smartphones to their eight year old and then wondering why they come across things they shouldn’t see, Lebron wants his son to not grow up so fast and refuses to allow them to have cell phones.

(Video) NFL: Marshawn Lynch Has Priceless Reaction Once He Finds Out What Pokemon Go Is


Marshawn Lynch should be happy he had no idea what Pokemon Go was until a couple days ago. Not that he strikes me as someone who would ever play the game to begin with. Marcus Peters of the Kansas City Chiefs begins to explain the game and Marshawn replies with “what the f*ck is y’all talking about?” before referring to them as “peeky-man”. Check the video below. Even after being told about the game I don’t think you will ever see beastmode walking down the street with his phone at all different angles.

NFL: Trent Richardson Explains How Family & Friends Secretly Spent $1.6 Million On Netflix & Other Dumb Sh*t


We have all heard countless tales of pro athletes going broke, despite earning millions and millions of dollars throughout their career. It’s usually the same scenario that causes the cash to dry up. It’s either overspending by the player himself on luxury items like cars, houses, boats, and so on or it’s usually family members helping bleed them dry because the player feels he needs to take care of people that he really doesn’t. Trent Richardson is currently not in the NFL after being released last week by the Ravens and his tale should be one of caution for younger athletes on how not to spend money.

(Photos) NBA: Details On How Team USA Wound Up At A Brazilian Brothel That They Thought Was A Spa


Three members of team USA’s basketball team got quite a surprise when they thought they were going to a spa in Rio. DeMar DeRozan, DeAndre Jordan and DeMarcus Cousins took some time to themselves on Wednesday night to check out the city and part of their free time consisted of going to a spa. Once they arrived however they quickly realized this was no spa.

(Video) MLB: Mark Teixeira Announces Retirement At End Of Season, Breaks Down During Press Conference


Yankees first baseman, Mark Teixeira, announced his retirement from baseball today effective at the end of the season and as you might expect, he got very emotional while speaking. “I got to live out my dream,” said Teixeira, who has hit 404 career home runs and won a World Series with the Yankees in 2009. The announcement comes as somewhat of a surprise as he had mentioned he hoped to play five more years during spring training this year.

(Photo) NBA: 50 Cent Does Not Approve Of Carmelo & KD’s Footwear In This Picture


50 Cent has jokes today at the expense of Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony. More specifically, the jokes are on their footwear, which were some polo shoes the players were wearing for a photo shoot earlier this week with Team USA. “What the fuck is it with these shoes man Damn. We ain’t gotta go out like that, they got MELO and KD in them shits wit No socks SMH”, 50 typed on Instagram while I’m assuming laughing at the same time. Of course he made sure to throw in an Effen Vodka shoutout at the end. Fif is right to have jokes in this case as the guys will likely never be wearing the shoes again. Check the gallery!

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