NFL: Adrian Peterson Was Investigated For Sexual Assault And Cleared Of Any Wrongdoing


As if he doesn’t already have enough going on with law enforcement, Adrian Peterson was recently investigated for sexual assault but was cleared of any wrongdoing. The complaint stemmed from an alleged incident back in 2011 in Minnesota where a woman claimed AP assaulted her, but Peterson said nothing happened that the woman did not want. After an investigation it appears Peterson was the one telling the truth.

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(Video) Boxing: Still Got It?? Roy Jones Knocks Out Opponent In First Round With Body Shot


He may be 45 years old, but Roy Jones Jr, is still collecting checks from fighting. He knocked out his opponent Hani Atiyo barely one minute into the fight with a left hook to the body. From the video the punch doesn’t look that hard, but it is easy for me to say that from where I am sitting. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Rumor Mill, Vanessa Bryant May Join Cast Of Real Housewives Of Orange County?


I can’t see Kobe being cool with this but there are reports that his wife Vanessa, will be joining the cast of the “Real Housewives Of Orange County” starting next season. She really does not strike me as the type to be all caught up in the nonsense and ignorance of most reality television shows, but who knows, anything is possible in Hollywood. The show is looking for a new face and it appears they have zeroed in on Vanessa. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Lebron Rocks Cavs Jersey For First Time In Four Years, Speaks On Moving At Cavs Media Day


Seeing Lebron in a Cavs jersey still feels weird, but the excitement it is causing heading into this NBA season has not been matched since when Bron bolted Cleveland for the better weather in South Beach. Today was Cavs media day and it was the first time in over four years that Lebron was wearing the Cavs colors and if you are a fan of that team you gotta be more than ready for this season to start. Bron spoke on many topics during the media day, focusing on the fact he needed to ask permission from his kids to move back to Cleveland and you can tell he is dead serious. It is all in the past now and Bron and these Cavs are ready for the season to start along with the rest of us. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) NBA: SMH, Don’t Do It To Yourself! Mario Chalmers Throws Small Jab At Lebron


Mario Chalmers better reign in whatever way he is feeling about Lebron. During media day today he decided to take a slight jab at Bron and act almost as if he was nobody. Although it was just a small little jab, you know he was feeling like he wanted to say more and thought better of it. This would be the second time this off season that Chalmers talked about Bron in not so favorable of a light. Chalmers better realize Lebron is basically the only reason he has enjoyed a decent and successful career up to this point. If you think Lebron won’t remember this when the Cavs & Heat play you better think again. Check out the tweet from one of the members of the media covering the Heat for media day and how Chalmers referred to Bron!

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(Photos) NBA: What A Party! Boobie Gibson, Meagan Good, Brandon Jennings & More Party In Hollywood


There were alot of stars on hand last night for an erotic party at the Penthouse nightclub in West Hollywood last night. Boobie Gibson looked like he was enjoying himself without Keyshia being around, while Meagan Good, Vivica A Fox, and other well known stars were in the building. The party was complete with a see through glass shower with some very attractive women keeping guests entertained. Pistons Brandon Jennings made sure he jumped in a pic with his new boo as well. Hit the jump.

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NFL: Very Disturbing Details Surrounding The Death Of NFL Player Rob Bironas


This unfortunately is not a good story to tell, but it must be addressed. Earlier this week NFL kicker Rob Bironas was thought to of died in a tragic car accident when he lost control of his SUV. Details are now emerging though about what really happened and there are 911 calls to confirm the true version of events. It appears Bironas himself was trying to run people off the road and he wound up being the one to lose control. Hit the jump.

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NBA: (Update) Hornets Player Jeffrey Taylor Assaulted Woman & Man During Domestic Dispute


An update from the earlier story today of Charlotte Hornets player Jeffrey Taylor being arrested for domestic violence. There were not many details earlier this morning but now some have been made public. Turns out Taylor was attacking a woman who plays soccer for Michigan State University, at a hotel near the campus and another man was involved as well. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Lebron Says Weight Loss Is Not Good For His Competition In The NBA


Lebron has an interview with Rachel Nichols of CNN that will air tonight where he speaks on a wide range of topics. Earlier this week he posted the story about the part where Bron shared his thoughts on what would of kept him in South Beach, but now there is more. Everyone knows he has been going hard with the weight loss this summer and in some pictures looks like a totally different guy. He is basically putting the league on notice that they will want no parts of him with his new lower weight. Hit the jump.

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NFL: Drew Brees Has War Of Words With Former Saints Teammate, Drops Lawsuit Against Him


Drew Brees is giving up today on a lawsuit against one of his former teammates, Kevin Houser. The two were teammates on the Saints before Houser became a licensed security broker and left the team. The two had become friends and Houser convinced Brees to make an investment into a fake company according to Brees.

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