NBA: Report, Warriors Marreese Speights Had Gun Pulled On Him During Robbery Attempt


Marreese Speights faced a scary scene earlier this week when he reportedly had a gun pulled out on him as multiple men tried to rob him for his jewelry. Coincidentally he had his worst game of the season the next day against the Oklahoma City Thunder, although his Warriors still won.

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(Photos) NFL: No Good! Cowboys Do #AskOrlando On Twitter & Madness Ensues About Draya


The Dallas Cowboys and Orlando Scandrick clearly did not think this idea through. The team did a #AskOrlando hashtag for Cowboys fans to ask the defensive back questions, but it soon became nothing but a Draya fest of questions and nothing about football. It should come as no surprise as it wasn’t going to be just strictly Cowboys fans responding and there is definitely never a bad time to talk about Draya. Some of the responses were crazy! I am sure next time the Cowboys will use a player with a lower profile on social media.

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(Photos) Boxing: Andre Ward Makes It Official & Signs With Roc Nation Sports!


“It’s official!! #NextChapter Happy to be a part of the @rocnation family,” Ward tweeted on Friday morning. And with that Andre Ward started a new chapter of his boxing career with Roc Nation Sports. Ward (27-0, 14 KOs), widely regarded as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world not named Floyd Mayweather Jr., will instantly become the face of Roc Nation Sports’ boxing franchise.

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NFL: Murder Trial For Aaron Hernandez Begins Today


Jury selection starts today in the murder trial of former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez and it is expected to last at least a week. Hernandez, 25, is charged with killing Odin Lloyd, a friend whose body was found in an industrial park in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, shot several times and discarded near a mound of construction waste. He allegedly killed him because he was hanging out with people Hernandez had problems with and it caused mistrust. Once jury selection is finished the trial itself will begin and it expected to last at least six weeks, in which Hernandez is facing life in prison if convicted.

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NBA: JR Smith Throws Jab At Knicks Organization, Also Says Triangle Offense Is Too Much Thinking


JR Smith will eventually be happy the Knicks traded him to a much better team, but at the moment feelings are still a little hurt. Smith threw a slight jab at the Knicks yesterday aside from basically complaining about how the triangle offense works. I must admit though I am on his side with his comments about the organization as a whole.

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NFL: Facing Certain Death, Former NFL Player Swims 9 Miles After Falling Off Boat


I am sure this was the scariest moment of Rob Konrad’s life but he was able to survive over 12 hours in the ocean and swim close to ten miles to safety. How his body didn’t give out during that time is amazing and hopefully his athletic background helped with that. Konrad was fishing by himself when he fell from his boat and his boat continued without him in the other direction.

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(Video) NBA: James Harden Almost Crosses Knicks Pablo Prigioni Out Of MSG!


Sheesh! James Harden made Pablo Prigioni look his age last night when he hit him with a crossover that made Pablo look like he was on skates. Harden made the jumper as well to add insult to injury but in Pablo’s defense, he really had no chance in hell at stopping someone with the skills and speed of Harden.

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(Photos) NBA: Knicks Fans Start Wearing Bags On Their Heads As Season Just Gets Uglier


Yes Knicks fans, it is this bad. It has BEEN this bad all season. It is so bad that people are paying ALOT of money to sit near the court at MSG just to cover their face with bags as a protest against this debacle of a season. Cameras caught five guys in the crowd last night as the Knicks hosted the Rockets, who halfway through the game looked much different because they had placed bags over their heads as they watched the Knicks lose their 14th game in a row. The images speak very strongly for themselves. Yes, there is some hope for next year with the Knicks having some money to burn and likely a very high draft pick, but at this rate it will be hard to finish this year with any sanity left.

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NBA: Report, Former NBA Player Arrested After Home Invasion Attempt


Robert Swift’s story is one full of potential never filled because of a bad drug habit and apparently not much guidance once be became rich. Swift was drafted right out of high school about 10 years ago by the Seattle SuperSonics before they became the OKC Thunder, but most of you have never heard of him. That is because soon as he was drafted all his personal demons surfaced and he has since been arrested more than he actually scored points in the NBA.

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NBA: Rumor Report, Another NBA Star Believes Kevin Durant Will Eventually Leave OKC For Wizards


Kevin Durant as well as OKC fans need to get used to the fact that free agency talk regarding him is only going to get stronger with each passing day, week and month until the summer of 2016! The talk of him returning home to the Washington DC area to play for the Wizards is the focus of all rumors, especially today since OKC is actually Hosting Washington. Now another NBA player, Ty Lawson who knows KD even before the NBA because they are roughly from the same area, is saying he has talked with Durant about the move.

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