NFL: Report, Jameis Winston May Face A Second Sexual Assault Allegation


This report could not come at a worse time for Jameis Winston or the NFL teams interested in possibly drafting him. If there is any merit to it however then it needs to come out and people will once again need to rethink how they look at Jameis. There is allegedly a second woman who may accuse him of sexual assault and she may be getting ready to go public soon.

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NBA: Instagram Related Lawsuit Against Shaq Gets Dismissed, Judge Still Isn’t Happy With Him


Shaq is getting off scott free from what some might call a frivolous lawsuit to begin with, but the judge in the court was not a fan of him regardless. In case you forgot, Jahmel Binion sued Shaq and Waka Flocka after they made fun of his face on Instagram. Binion has a disorder that causes facial deformities and limited hair growth. Shaq thought he squashed things when he called Binion to personally apologize, but he got dragged into court anyway.

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(Photos) NBA: Steph Curry & Andrew Bogut Take Shots At Former Coach Mark Jackson For His MVP Comments


Straight up, some of these athletes need to stop acting like girls and being so emotional about things. So what if a fan or coach or analyst doesn’t agree with your way of thinking. Is everyone supposed to think the exact same way and agree on everything related to your career just so you can feel better about yourself? Man f*ck that! As you can see I am sick of athletes (and rappers) getting upset just cause someone doesn’t share the same opinion as them. Steph Curry and Andrew Bogut both took shots at Mark Jackson because he said James Harden would be his MVP this season.

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NFL: Jaguars Sen’Derrick Marks Says NFL Hiring Female Referee Is Just A Publicity Stunt


Well tell us how you really feel Sen! It was reported yesterday the NFL hired Sarah Thomas as the leagues first female full time official to be part of regular season games. There had been women on the sidelines before but that was for preseason games at the most. It was only a matter of time before this should have occurred anyway, but Sen’Derrick Marks of the Jags believes it’s a joke and just for publicity.

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(Video) Sports: Lil Wayne Is Getting His Skating Skills UP!


Weezy been going hard with the skateboarding lately and it appears it is paying off. He just tweeted out a link to a private video, showing him getting busy with the board and it will probably surprise a lot of you. I wonder if the majority of the skate community still feels he is a fraud or do they see he really is passionate about it. Check the video. The password is tune

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NBA: Report, Paul George To Return From Gruesome Injury Tomorrow Night!


Paul George is back! That is according to his Instagram and other reports that say PG-13 will make his season debut tomorrow night against the Miami Heat. This would be George’s first real action since his horrific injury during the Team USA camp in Las Vegas last summer. His return comes at an important time for the Pacers as they fight for a playoff spot and could really benefit from the boost they would get from the return of their star player. Even if you aren’t a Pacers fan, you have to be happy to see George back out on that court! Check the gallery.

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NFL: Former NFL Player Shares Story Of His Mom Demanding $1 Million For Raising Him When He Got Drafted


The NFL Draft is now just a few weeks away, which means that a whole new crop of former college football stars is about to get paid! But while we as fans only think about the cool side of being a pro athlete — the cars, vacations and women — there is a very real, and much darker, side. It’s one filled with everyone from friends, family members and agents trying to get a piece of these young athletes coming into new money. It’s something that most of us could never imagine, but it’s also something Phillip Buchanon experienced first-hand.

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NBA: Lebron Defends His Friend Chris Paul From All The Steph Curry Jokes


Lebron is being a little too serious about this. I realize the internet has gone crazy with meme’s and jokes since Steph Curry embarrassed Chris Paul with that mean behind the back crossover, but it is all in good fun. Bron, who is one of CP3’s best friends felt the need to step up and defend his boy, but he made sense with what he was saying.

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(Photo) NBA: Joel Embiid Posts Hilarious Then & Now Picture Showing How He Became “Lightskin”


Joel Embiid hasn’t been able to play during his rookie season as he recovered from surgery, but he has found other ways to entertain us, mainly with Twitter and Instagram. The tweets showing his affection for Rihanna as well as trying to convince Lebron to come join the Sixers in Philly were great, but this picture here might be the best. He shared a picture of himself from 2011 compared to 2014 and you undoubtedly see the difference in size and weight. You can also see his skin tone is somewhat lighter as well and Joel had to make sure he pointed that out. Check the gallery!

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(Video) NBA: Steph Curry’s Three Pointer Makes Young Girl Literally Lose Her Mind


Steph Curry is usually making defenders lose their mind, but last night he had a little Golden State fan going crazy for the right reasons. After Steph hit a clutch shot from deep, the crowd went crazy as you might expect, but when the cameras found this little girl they hit gold!

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