(Video) Sports: These Rats Could Of Won You Alot Of Money


You think you are smarter than a rat when it comes to sports? You might want to rethink that lol. ESPN did a “rat bracket” for the NCAA tournament, where it built a bracket for the rats to run around in and pick winners for the first round without realizing it. There were 16 games yesterday and the rats went 15-1 with their picks, only missing the Colorado/Pittsburgh game. Translation, these rats would of won people alot of money yesterday, especially with the upsets they picked if someone would of listened.

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NBA: Golden State Warriors Get Tech Savvy To Sell Better Tickets To Fans With Ibeacons


Pro sports teams are always looking for ways to generate more revenue and at the same time offer fans a better experience. By taking advantage of Apple’s ibeacon bluetooth technology, the Golden State Warriors appear to be doing just that. It is a technology that most teams in major league baseball already use, but the Warriors would be the first team in the NBA to use it. What is it you may ask? Hit the jump.

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March Madness: Upset Alert! Huge Underdog Mercer University Takes Down Duke 78-71


Everyone’s brackets are now officially destroyed. But this is why you have to love March Madness. #14 seed Mercer defeated #3 Duke 78-71 just a short time ago to pull off the biggest upset of the tournament so far. Mercer was a huge underdog, but with a bunch of seniors on the team who knew how to stick together, they outworked and outplayed the younger top recruits that Duke had. The last time Mercer even made the tournament was back in 1985 and not a single player on the team was born yet. Maybe Mercer stole a little magic from the Florida Gulf Coast team that made headlines last year in the tournament after being huge underdogs and beating a couple nationally ranked teams. Mercer had to beat that same team last week for the right to get in the NCAA tournament. They may very well lose the next game they play but nobody will ever be able to take away the feeling they have right now after that win.

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(Video) NBA: LOL, Check Out Metta World Peace With His New Team, The Jabbawockeez


Metta World Peace ( I still feel weird saying that ) has alot of time on his hands right now without being part of an NBA team. What better way to spend his spend dressed in cookie monster pajamas and crashing the Jabbawockeez dance crew performance in Las Vegas. Check his moves out after the jump.

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(Photos) NFL: Man Who Aaron Hernandez Beat Up In Jail Finally Identified, Refuses To Testify Against Him


Ever since news broke last month that Aaron Hernandez had violently beat up another inmate at the Bristol county jail in Massachusetts, people wondered who was the victim. Well thanks to his lawyer he has finally been identified as 25 year old Andrew Booker. Hernandez was charged with assault in the incident, but Booker, who himself was arrested by a gang unit and caught with 16 bags of coke and a loaded gun in his waist, does not want to testify about what happened because “he doesn’t want to be a rat”, according to his lawyer Michael Maloney. He said the altercation did actually happen exactly as it was reported, with Booker in handcuffs having a verbal dispute with Hernandez that wound up with Hernandez attacking him while still cuffed. Rather than testify, Booker is considering legal action against the jail for allowing that situation to happen. Hit the jump to see Booker.

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NFL: Report, Michael Vick May Sign With Jets Today, But There Is A BIG Issue


From the sounds of reports around the NFL, when Michael Vick visits the New York Jets today he is pretty much expected to sign a deal with the team. There is one thing that might ruin the deal however and it’s all on Vick. We may think it is petty but Vick is adamant about wearing #7. For those that forgot, current Jets starting quarterback and possible future of the team, Geno Smith, already wears that number. If Vick can not get that number it may seriously be a deal breaker. Hit the jump.

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NFL: Report, Houston Texans Trade QB Matt Schaub To Oakland Raiders


This trade makes sense for everyone involved. The Raiders need help at quarterback and Matt Schaub has worn out his welcome in Houston. After starting last season 2-0, the Texans proceeded to lose 14 straight games and Schaub looked terrible that entire time. There was no way fans would accept him as their starting quarterback next season again. Crazy thing is prior to last season his numbers were pretty good and so were the Texans. The Raiders only have to give up a late round draft pick and now they will hopefully get some help to run their offense. But based on last season there is no guarantee that Schaub will work out with Oakland either.

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(Video) Sports: Victor Cruz Talks Giants, Marriage & Laura Stylez Being Thirsty With Hot 97 Morning Show


New York Giants pro bowl receiver Victor Cruz stopped by the Hot 97 morning show to talk with Ebro and Laura about a range of topics including football, family, fashion and more. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Surprised? Jason Collins Says One NBA Player Is Heckling Him For Being Gay


This story does not surprise me at all. For all the love and support Brooklyn Nets player Jason Collins has gotten for coming out and being the first openly gay player to play a major sport in America, there was bound to be ignorant people who didn’t support him as well. According to Collins, one very specific player has continued to hurl slurs and other disrespectful talk towards him. Collins for his part seems to just brush it off but it has to bother him somewhat.

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(Video) March Madness: Texas Breaks The Hearts Of Arizona State With This Buzzer Beater To Advance


Yesterday was a crazy first day of the NCAA tournament with 4 games going to overtime and countless others coming down to the end. The Texas Longhorns and the Arizona State Sun Devils thought they might be headed for overtime themselves tied at 85 with only seconds left. But Texas big man Cameron Ridley picked up a loose ball and laid it in just over the outstretched arm of a Arizona State defender as the clock expired sending Texas to the next round and sending Arizona State home.

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