(Video) Woman Discovers That Medical Marijuana Reduces The Effects Of Cerebral Palsy… But At What Cost?

Suffering from a severe stutter and –at times– unbearable pain due to cerebral palsy, Jacqueline Patterson of Kansas City, MO. discovered that weed helps. So far, in the United States, only 20 have allowed the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Inconveniently, Patterson’s state does not. Check what what this could mean for her after the jump.

(Pics) Money Talks!! A Couple Of Guys From Brooklyn Are Charging People To View Graffiti!!

British graffiti artist, Banksy, decided to bless the city of New York with various works of graffiti art. He plans to reveal a new work of art for each day in October. But, in East New York, Brooklyn’s going hard for the money. According to pictures and video, three men are covering up Banksy’s work with cardboard and charging potential viewers for the gaze. Hit the jump for more.

WHOA! TSA Isn’t Searching For WHAT When Boarding A Plane?!?!

Turns out that when TSA Agents search you or your bags before flying, they aren’t looking for weed. That is, of course, so long as it isn’t too much. But, they have yet to define “too much.” Hit the jump for more info!

You Could Face Up To 15 Days In Jail For Growing THIS Plant!!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Only 15 days? But, this isn’t that type of plant. It’s actually a form of Bamboo. But, unlike the traditional bamboo found in Asia, and eaten by pandas, this “running” bamboo causes much havoc for homeowners. It spreads rapidly and has the potential to lift and crack concrete as its roots spread. So, imagine what it would do to homes and gardens.

Guess Which State JUST Became The 20th State To Legalize Marijuana?!

I’m sure this marijuana legalization will be the reason for many road trips. This state just voted to put into place a 4-year medical marijuana pilot program that would allow up to 2.5 ounces of weed to be sold to those with serious medical issues. Find out what state it is after the jump.

New Fungus Disease Spreading Around The US WITHOUT A Cure?!?

A new fungal disease, coccidioidomycosis AKA Valley fever, has swept the Southwest and is costing the United States a TON of money, as there is no cure for this airborne disease. This year alone there were over 20,000 cases reported, but only 160 people have died. Find out what the symptoms are and how to know if you’ve contracted Valley fever after the jump.

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