Medical Marijuana To Be Available To Colorado Children

Wait, what? Yup, it’s true, soon children in Colorado will be able to benefit from medical marijuana too. No, that doesn’t mean that kiddies all over Colorado are not going to be walking around stoned out of their minds.

(Fellas Check The 18+*Photos) IFWT Would Like To Wish You A Happy 4/20!!!! #WomenAndTheWeed

It’s 4/20, let me not even cloud you mind with words(as it’s already clouded), I just know while you’re in the state that you’re in, you’ll want to see the gallery!!!

OK Colorado! Those Once Convicted Of Possession Of Marijuana Can Do WHAT!?!!?

Voters in Colorado passed a pretty nice law, Amendment 64. In this case, it is the very same law that allows for the possession of marijuana in small amounts for recreational use that, now, allows for those once caught with small amounts to remove the info from their legal records. Hit the jump for the full scoop.

(Video) Want To Know Exactly How Weed Interacts With The Brain…Here It Is!!!

Ok all day I look for things to get up, and usually ask one of our glorious bloggers to get up(ASAP), but this one…being scientific, and I’m a super geek, well it was all me! That and I’m a ‘Tree Hugger’ 0_0

(Photos) Man Fakes Suicide And Runs A Pot Farm In Georgia For A Year!!

This story deserves to be made into a movie or –at the very least– a TV series. Aubrey Lee Price is a former banker who was presumed dead after he allegedly faked his own suicide. The married father of four was previously indicted for a bank fraud costing over $21 million. Since his “death” his wife, Rebekah, had to deal with the “loss” of her husband, before explaining to their four children what had happened to him. While she was dealing with that major dilemma, he was living in Georgia, surviving off of his very own Marijuana farm.

(Photo) So THIS Is the 1st Guy To Ever Buy Legal Weed, and He’s Doing WHAT With It?!

Yesterday was really historic for American history, as Colorado ushered in the 1st ever recreational Marijuana sales in the U.S.!!! Apparently the guy in the front of the line recognized this as the historic event that it is, and has some solid plans for it!

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