New Pill May Prevent HIV In Drug Users Who Inject

New pill may help prevent HIV

We are one step closer to a real cure for HIV/AIDS. A new study conducted in Thailand shows that Tenofovir cut the risk of infection in heroin, meth and other injection drug users by nearly 50%. Based on the findings, the CDC recommended that doctors consider prescribing Tenofovir to those who inject drugs. It blocks the virus from making copies and spreading through the body. In the U.S., Tenofovir is included in an AIDS drug called Truvada…which costs about $14k a year. We still have a ways to go, but breakthroughs like this definitely give us hope!

(Check The Pics!) Maliah Michel Really Sweats ALL Over During Her Workouts

Maliah Michel

Maliah Michel is infamous for her moves on the pole in Houston (and her short-lived relationship with Drake), so she wants to keep her body in shape to keep her money coming in. She’s been going HARD in the gym as of late…so hard, in fact, she’s sweating ALL over. And I mean all over. Check the pics in the gallery. Fellas, is that a little TMI?

Interesting! NO Age Limit On Plan B Pills Any Longer! Do You Think This Is A Good Idea?

Plan B pill

The Obama administration will no longer be trying to block over-the-counter availability of plan B, and that means that now girls any age will be able to walk into a drugstore and buy the popular pregnancy-prevention pill. Do you think that this is going to promote more unprotected sex in young adults, thus sparking the STD rate? Read more about the law changes below and let us know your thoughts!

Mumford & Sons Member Rushed To The Hospital For Blood Clot In The Brain

Ted Dwane

Mumford & Sons bassist Ted Dwane is currently hospitalized, being rushed in yesterday after a blood clot was found on his brain. “Our friend and bandmate Ted has been feeling unwell for a few days, and yesterday he was taken to a hospital to receive emergency treatment,” the band said in a statement. “The scans revealed a blood clot on the surface of his brain that requires an operation. Ted is receiving excellent care and we are being assured that he will recover quickly from surgery.” The group’s next three shows will be postponed in light of the emergency, but they plan to reschedule as soon as they can. Prayers for a speedy recovery!

(Photos) Oh No! Lil Kim Injured In Car Accident!

The Queen Bee

Lil Kim was involved in a car accident over the weekend, but thankfully, she’s going to be okay! The doctor has da lil’ one in a neck brace for the week, but after that, she should be straight. Check out pics of the brace in the gallery. Feel better, Kimmy!

(Photo) Man Goes For Nose Job, Gets Whole Nose Removed?!?

IFWT_Nose Job 1

This must SUCK. Vishal Thakkar went to get a nose job after a divorce, and trusted the PRESIDENT of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Angelo Cuzalina, to give him his first surgery. Something went wrong, which required a follow-up surgery. Then it gets worse and worse, and 22 surgeries later, the doctor just went ahead and removed his nose. He now breathes through a straw in his nose. This doctor certainly needs to have his license revoked, but also, why would you allow this joker to perform 22 surgeries on your face? Check out a picture of the poor victim in the gallery.

(Photos) Breaking: Paris Jackson Rushed To Hospital For Possible Suicide Attempt

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital early this morning, in what is being reported as a suicide attempt. Michael’s daughter was taken in from her house in Calabasas around 2am, after a call came in saying she’d possibly overdosed. There were also multiple cuts on her wrist. TMZ has found some recent photos (in the gallery) of what appears to be scars on Paris’ wrists from previous cutting attempts. A source in her family says this is not the first time she’s attempted suicide, but it’s by far the worst. Just before the attempt, Paris had posted some pretty scary tweets on her account, seeming to speak toward the mood she was in. A family member says she was upset that she couldn’t go to a Marilyn Manson concert. Thankfully, she is reported to be doing okay.

What Do A Lawsuit, Rihanna & Herpes Have In Common?

Rihanna's Riri Woo lipstick

Herpes rumors surrounded Rihanna for years, especially after that infamous fight with Chris Brown. A new lawsuit associated with the superstar concerns the awful STD as well, but luckily, it has nothing to do with something that Rih did. A woman by the name of Starkeema Greenidge has filed suit against M.A.C. Cosmetics, Inc, claiming that a sample of Rih’s new lipstick “RiRi Woo” given to her at Rihanna’s Barclays Center show earlier this month gave her herpes. Greenidge says a M.A.C. rep applied the red lipstick to her upper lip, told her to press her lips together and spread it around. Since it was a sample, it had been on many others’ lips as well. Allegedly the day after the concert, “My whole lip was irritated and hugely swollen,” Greenidge says. She immediately went to a doctor, who then told her she had herpes. Not sure if she’ll win in court, but let’s see what happens!

(Photos) Oh No! Rocsi Diaz Fainted At The Billboard Music Awards!

Rocsi Diaz at the 2013 BIllboard Music Awards

Dehydration is no joke. After standing outside on the blue carpet of the Billboard Music Awards for a solid 3 hours in blazing Las Vegas heat last night, Rocsi Diaz ended up fainting. Ironically, I fainted too for the very same reason this weekend, and my knees, my head and my chin are pretty banged up from it! Thankfully, the ET correspondent is doing just fine, and confirmed to Necole Bitchie that it was not only dehydration but exhaustion getting to her as well. “It was so scary and embarrassing but a reality check to take better care of myself!” she said of the incident. Glad to hear she is okay!

(Video) LOL! Doctor Prescribes Oral Sex For What Condition?!?

Oral Sex

Everyone is up in arms over Dr. Peter Zegarra’s suggestion to a woman who had a special situation She claimed she had a very sensitive gag reflex and couldn’t get a medical surgery. That’s when the doctor recommended that she give her husband oral sex twice a week to help that out. The woman became enraged and reported him, which had the California Medical Board reprimand him publicly. What do you think about his suggestion? If the treatments works then what’s the problem? The video below is hilarious to watch, because they get the opinions of normal folk hearing the story. Check it out after the jump.

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