(Video) Molly Or Bath Salt?! Kid Displays Very Odd Behavior After Car Accident

These Kids are really out here testing the limit of the Human Mind(Mind Blowing)…the drugs they are getting into is making Trees(marijuana) look like aspirin 0_0 Hit the Jump to See WHY You Have to Say NO to Drugs, and Thank God he didn’t hurt anyone!!

What Happened When She Drank Only Soda Half Her Life???

In Monaco, a small country near southern France, a woman only drank soda for 16 years suddenly fainted. She was taken to a hospital, but what did her tests show??

Trying To Stay Healthy….Use THIS Google Search Feature!!!

Lately Google has been expanding in all aspects and now even when it comes to being more health conscious! Hit the jump to find out how Google will now be helping you count calories and stay up to date with nutritional facts.

Is THIS The Arm Cast Of the Future?!

When one thinks of a cast things that usually come to mind are a big white bulky piece of plaster thats sweaty and occasionally people sign their name on but not this cast! Hit the jump to find out more..

(Photos) Uh-Oh!! 8 Surprising Foods That Can Poison You!!

Be careful what you eat. Even vegetables cannot be trusted. Hit the Jump

Swizz Beatz, Angela Simmons, Emily B And More Help Raise 100K At Smile Auction

The auction included this Porsche “Muhammad Ali” Hood Swizz Beatz created. Hit the jump to see how much it sold for!

(Video) Little Girl Dying Of Cancer Gets Cured With HIV Virus?!?

In what is being called a miracle, a 6 year-old girl with a terminal case of leukemia was nearly dying when doctor’s recommended that she try a dangerous and controversial treatment to try to clear up the cancer. The doctor’s recommended she try an experimental treatment involving injecting a modified HIV virus into her bloodstream. This treatment is for patients who are extremely sick. So was she cured? Check out the video after the jump.

CDC Preps For Possible Outbreak Of Deadly Virus

The CDC is preparing to take on a potential outbreak of the deadly MERS virus. The virus is currently infecting people in Saudi Arabia,  Jordan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Tunisia. The United States is taking all moves to ensure that if the virus makes it’s way over here, that the CDC is prepared despite that the risk for the virus to hit the states is low. Thus far 60 cases have been reported and 38 have ended in death. Diagnostic kits have so far been made available in 40 states and the CDC is prepping hospitals to know what exactly to look for in MERS patients. More about MERS below.

(Photos) Wow! Man Loses 250 Pounds On 99-Cent Diet!!

Within 18 months, Aviance lost 250 pounds, and a visit to his doctor confirmed that he was no longer at risk for diabetes, elevated cholesterol, or high blood pressure. Hit the jump to see his transformation.

New Pill May Prevent HIV In Drug Users Who Inject

We are one step closer to a real cure for HIV/AIDS. A new study conducted in Thailand shows that Tenofovir cut the risk of infection in heroin, meth and other injection drug users by nearly 50%. Based on the findings, the CDC recommended that doctors consider prescribing Tenofovir to those who inject drugs. It blocks the virus from making copies and spreading through the body. In the U.S., Tenofovir is included in an AIDS drug called Truvada…which costs about $14k a year. We still have a ways to go, but breakthroughs like this definitely give us hope!

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