Experiencing Migraines?? Here’s 7 Facts You Might Not Know About Them

Migraines can immensely change your mood for a day or weeks depending how long they last. Studies even linked attempted and completed suicides to migraines. What are other facts about migraines??

New Fungus Disease Spreading Around The US WITHOUT A Cure?!?

A new fungal disease, coccidioidomycosis AKA Valley fever, has swept the Southwest and is costing the United States a TON of money, as there is no cure for this airborne disease. This year alone there were over 20,000 cases reported, but only 160 people have died. Find out what the symptoms are and how to know if you’ve contracted Valley fever after the jump.

Smart Tips When It Comes To Disaster Planning

You may know a relative or friend that has experienced natural disasters, but what if a disaster affects you directly? Do you know what to do??

LOL!! Why Did This Man Put A Cage Around His Head?!?

Ibrahim Yucel, 42 year old man from Turkey, dons a wire helmet that makes it impossible for him to smoke a cigarette. Crazy right. Hit the jump for more details.

Good Tips For The Next Time You Shop For Seafood

Writer of the book The Perfect Protein, Andy Sharpless, has good tips for preserving ocean life, beating obesity, and the best fish diets. Brandon For the seafood tips click the link below! Seafood Tips

(Video) Molly Or Bath Salt?! Kid Displays Very Odd Behavior After Car Accident

These Kids are really out here testing the limit of the Human Mind(Mind Blowing)…the drugs they are getting into is making Trees(marijuana) look like aspirin 0_0 Hit the Jump to See WHY You Have to Say NO to Drugs, and Thank God he didn’t hurt anyone!!

What Happened When She Drank Only Soda Half Her Life???

In Monaco, a small country near southern France, a woman only drank soda for 16 years suddenly fainted. She was taken to a hospital, but what did her tests show??

Trying To Stay Healthy….Use THIS Google Search Feature!!!

Lately Google has been expanding in all aspects and now even when it comes to being more health conscious! Hit the jump to find out how Google will now be helping you count calories and stay up to date with nutritional facts.

Is THIS The Arm Cast Of the Future?!

When one thinks of a cast things that usually come to mind are a big white bulky piece of plaster thats sweaty and occasionally people sign their name on but not this cast! Hit the jump to find out more..

(Photos) Uh-Oh!! 8 Surprising Foods That Can Poison You!!

Be careful what you eat. Even vegetables cannot be trusted. Hit the Jump

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