(Photos) Before & After: Wow! The Man Who Received A FULL Face Transplant Looks AMAZING!

Richard Lee Norris after the accident

A man who’s lived as a self-described “hermit” since a horrific 1997 accident now has a new lease on life. Back then, an accident with a gun took off Richard Norris’ entire jaw, his lips and his nose, leaving his face severely disfigured (above). He’s rarely gone out in public since then and when he did, he’d wear a surgical mask to hide his face so people wouldn’t stare. Now, he’s gotten his life back, after a huge surgery in March replacing both jaws, teeth, tongue and skin, along with nerve and muscle tissue from his scalp to his neck. It was a procedure that took 36 hours to complete, done by Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Since March, doctors said that the right side of his face is at about 80 percent normal motor function and his left is at about 40. He has also regained the ability to smell and taste. “Richard is exceeding my expectations this soon after his surgery, and he deserves great deal of credit for the countless hours spent practicing his speech and strengthening his new facial muscles,” Dr. Rodriguez said. “He’s one of the most courageous and committed individuals I know.” It’s amazing what science is capable of these days! Check out the before and after in the gallery, and Richard’s statements below.

Marisa Mendez

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Health Tips


Nowadays everyone is about being healthy and organic. To some it is hard to find ways to keep healthy habits, thats what we are here for to make your life a little easier. Check out these easy health tips. Click below for more info

Funk Flex

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Exercise Addiction?


Who knew someone could be addicted to exercising, this 46 year old women dealt with her addiction for more than 20 years. Although it is healthy to exercise, too much can cause physical and mental harm. Click below for more info

Funk Flex

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Check Your Freezer Turkey Hill Recall


Someone on the production line made a mistake, Turkey Hill issued a voluntary recall due to the addition of coconut to their Mint Chocolate Chip flavor. Although some may consider coconut no threat a person could possibly have a lethal reaction. Thankfully the contaminated concoction is limited to the state of Pennsylvania. Click below to read more.

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Meningitis Outbreak Possibly Linked to Massachusetts Company


A spinally administered steroid has been linked to the growing meningistis outbreak which is manufactured by the New England Compounding Center in Framingham, Massachusetts. Click here for more info

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FOOD: Amber Rose Eating Healthy For Baby Wizbud

Amber Rose pregnant

Amber Rose went from hiding her pregnancy, to showing it off. At just 21 weeks, Amber is looking better than ever! She is also making sure her Baby Wizbud is eating nothing but the healtiest, yet tastiest of foods! Check out Amber Rose’s pregnancy diet below!


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Mass Recall On Mini-Wheats Millions Of Boxes May Contain Metal Pieces


Kellogg’s has issued a massive recall on their popular cereal, Mini-Wheats. Both frosted and plain Mini-Wheats are being recalled due to the possibility that millions of boxes could be contaminated with metal mesh pieces. So far nobody has fallen ill due to the tainted cereal but the huge brand is working with retailers to ensure that the boxes are removed from the shelves. The huge recall will could the company between $20-$30 million. See which product numbers you should be checking for below.

Julie A.

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(Photo) Little Angelina, Brave Girl Fighting Cancer


Today I wanted to start off by writing about a beautiful young girl that has not only impacted my life but the lives of many. On August 28, 2011, Little Angelina was diagnosed with stage three neuroblastoma. She has been a fighter ever since. On September 28, 2012 Angelina went in to have her central line removed. It was then that her parents demanded an ultrasound because Angelina had been complaining about a pain in her abdomen. Unfortunately doctors discovered three tumors. Angelina has one in her liver, one in her lungs, and one in her kidney. At this point her family is hoping and praying Angelina will recover. This Saturday October 20, 2012, a fundraiser is being held in her name. The fundraiser will be held at The West Five Supper Club 505 Madison St. (Corner of 5th St.) Hoboken, New Jersey 07030. If you cannot attend please make a donation to littleangelina.org. For more info on Angelina’s health and fundraiser click below.

Eloisa Melo

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If Your Girl Only Knew …


If you are a man in a relationship and cheating , you do NOT want your girl to know right?Yes, SUPER obvious(hear me out). She is either going to do everything Aaliyah said in her track or worse.  In my opinion worse, nowadays a scorned woman isn’t unplugging her phone and ignoring you.  She’ll probably make it her job to thoroughly research you and destroy your life post-break up.  Okay besides the fear this may instill in you there is a legit reason why you should not cheat, it actually causes heart attacks! Hit the jump

Steph B

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Meningitis Death Toll Rises!

Meningitis IFWT

This isn’t good. Authorities are searching for perspective meningitis victims as the death toll rises. Hopefully this gets figured out before it’s too late. Click below to read the story.


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