(Video) Breach Baby Delivered At A Gas Station


A mother is recovering with her daughter after giving birth to her at a gas station off the highway!
It was a breach delivery meaning the umbillical cord was wrapped around the baby.
Thankfully both mama and girl were A – OK!
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(Photos) Art Is A Lie That Makes Us Realize Truth


I came across this Art article and found it interesting. It is about how the human brain is wired in such a way that we can make sense of lines, colors and patterns on a flat canvas. Artists throughout human history have figured out ways to create illusions such as depth and brightness that aren’t actually there but make works of art seem somehow more real. For more info see below.

Eloisa Melo

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(Video) Jessica Simpson Opens Up About Weight Loss


Earlier this week Jessica Simpson appeared on the new Katie Couric show not only revealing her 40 pound weight loss, but to talk about her journey. See video below.

Eloisa Melo

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How To Choose The Right Condom!!


Ever wondered how to choose the right condom?! Well now there’s a solution… Click below to find out how to choose what’s right for you!


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Lose 80 Pounds On A Starbucks Diet?!


This sounds out of this world but it was very real for Christine Hall. Hall, A law librarian with two jobs, says she gets her meals from Starbucks because she had no time! Hall started off weighing 190 and trimmed down to 114 pounds! See below for full details.

Eloisa Melo

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McDonalds Will Soon Add Calorie Counts to Their Menu


Being healthy is the newest trend and McDonalds is giving in to it. Today the biggest fastfood chain in the world revealed that beginning next week, they will start posting calorie counts on their menu. Read more below.


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Tips To Instantly Boost Your Mood And Feel More Energized!

Energy IFWT

Since summer is pretty much over and it’s getting darker earlier, we’re all starting to feel a little more sluggish. To avoid feeling tired and moody, click below to learn how to instantly boost your mood and feel more energized!

Melissa Nash

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A Toothpick Is To Blame For A Woman’s Liver Problem


Alcohol has been the cause for liver problems, but a toothpick? That’s exactly what a 45 year old woman found out after making her way to the intensive care unit  once her health took to plunge for the worse. Read more below.

Funk Flex

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Taking The Wrong Antibiotic May Carry Serious Side Effects


If you’re sick, you take an antibiotic. This has been the simple remedy to many illnesses. However, this remedy has proven to produce more serious results.  Just last year over 2000 patients had been given the wrong antibiotic prescription for illnesses that were’t as severe for the prescription, or simply would have went away without the use of it, resulting in ”dry eyes, mouth and skin; ringing in his ears; delayed urination; uncontrollable shaking; burning pain in his eyes and feet.” Read more below.


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Ovarian Cancer Screenings Are Not Effective

Cancer Awareness Ribbon

Ovaran Cancer is one of the biggest scares when it comes to a woman’s health. Now, a panel of experts are saying that the tests that are commonly performed to check for the cancer may be doing more harm than good. Read more below.


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