Hungry And Lazy But Don’t Want To Eat Junk?? Check Out THESE Fast Snack Ideas!!

I’m always hungry, but too lazy at the same time make something. Eating half a box of Cheez-Its isn’t doing any justice. Lol So, here’s a few snack ideas you can make at home in under 5 minutes. Replace some of your junk food at your house, and try out these tasty and healthy snacks! Brandon F For snack ideas click below! 10 Super Snack You Can Make Under 5 Minutes

Which Past American Idol Winner Wants To Shed Some Pounds?!

Click the jump to see which celebrity will join the biggest loser!

(Photo) Pizza Shop Owner Caught In His Pants On Camera

“It wasn’t me.” A statement that is still being investigated after he was allegedly seen on the stores security camera masturbating. Sickening. But, that “I didn’t do it” defense doesn’t seem too truthful because the picture is pretty clear. Check it out after the jump.

Upscale KFC Restaurant Looks To Compete With Chipotle

KFC tosses it’s hand in the ring as it plans to compete with more upscale fast-food restaurants like Panera Bread or Chipotle Mexican Grill. In the process, they’re dropping Col. Sanders. Hit the jump to see what else they have in the mix.

What Does Beer Attract?!

According to this study, Beer does more than just loosen you up. Click the jump to see what it attracts!

Seafood Lover? Avoid Eating These 10 Fish And Here’s Why

Most seafood is very healthy for you, but some fish you should avoid in your diet. Shark meat and other types of fish contain high levels of mercury; which can be harmful to your body. So, what are these other fish you should avoid eating?

(Caught On Tape) Woman Constantly Sh*ts Outside Near Man’s House!!

Remember Chappelle’s Show, where he would portray druggie, Tyrone Biggums? Well, in New Mexico, one man’s surveillance camera has captured a woman that has something in common with Biggums. She sh*ts out on the sides of houses. The homeowner told news reporters that he initially assumed that the feces belonged to a homeless person, but when it kept occurring, his curiosity led him to install a camera facing the site. And, to his surprise, he saw a female jogger detour her route to squat and– well, see for yourself below.

This Woman Wants To Be Disabled?!

Chloe Jennings-White seems like your average 58- year-old abled bodied woman, but her goals are a lot different than a typical 58-year-old. Click the jump to see why Chloe wants so desperately to be a paraplegic!

Whoa! This Kid Got A Little Extra ‘Happy’ In His Meal!!!

So although they weren’t at McDonald’s, they definitely were at a Major fast food chain when a family got an Adult surprise in their kids Meal…Hit the Jump!

Wow! You’ll Never Believe How Much Weight Snooki Lost Since She Had The Baby!

Since Snooki has given birth, she lost a whopping total of 50 lbs! Might not sound like ‘a lot’ but you have to remember how tiny she is (she’s a pretty short chick). The 25-year-old went on a strict 1,300 calorie diet a day with a four day a week workout regime with her personal trainer. She did also lose 20 pounds the first two months just from breast feeding ALONE! Claiming, ‘I was so excited because I hadn’t worked out in six months.

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