(Photos) Whoa! Boy George’s Weight Loss Has Him Looking Like A Totally Different Person!

Boy George before the weight loss

Boy George wanted to start the year off right, and a drastic diet has him looking like a totally different person now! Revealed to his Twitter fans over the weekend, the singer shared a picture of his new body, along with revealing what his secret to success is! “5 hour gaps between meals. No coffee or tea, except at meals,” he replied to a follower. “Water & fizzy water between meals! No bread, sugar!” No bread or sugar?! Yikes, I don’t know if I could do it! Could you? Check the before and after pics in the gallery and let us know if you think it’s worth it!

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Part Of Obamacare Cut Due To Lack Of Funds


One of the earliest stipulations of Obamacare has been axed due to a lack of funding. In my opinion, the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan is one of the most important aspects of Obamacare and sadly it’s being cut off. The PCIP is an insurance program that ensures that people with pre-exisiting conditions such as cancer, heart issues, etc. cannot get turned down by insurance companies. PCIP has served more than 135,000 but it will be running out of money so they will not be taking any new patients. The PCIP provided the “needed security to some of our nation’s sickest people.” Started January 1, insurance companies are no longer allowed to refuse anyone because of poor health. Read more below.

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Love & Hip-Hop STD Rumors Running Rampant! Joe Budden Responds…

Joe Budden & Tahiry

Over the weekend, a report was published accusing (with zero proof) model/Love & Hip-Hop star Tahiry Jose of having herpes, and alleging that she’d been sleeping with various men in the entertainment industry without protection. Names on the list included Drake, Fabolous, JR Smith and of course…her ex-boyfriend, Joe Budden. Having been together for upwards of 5 years, I’d say it’s safe to assume condoms weren’t in their vocab. While Tahiry decided to ignore the ridiculous report, Joey at least cleared up his side by replying to a few inquiring minds in his mentions. Check his response in the gallery.

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Nasty! Got HORSEmeat???

Horsemeat Lasagna

A European company was caught out using up to 100 percent horsemeat in a dish served all over the world. Findus Frozen Lasagna has claimed that they were unaware their Polish supplier was substituting beef for horse. After conducting tests in Britain and Sweden, the results showed that 75 percent of the meat coming from Poland was horsemeat. Read more after the jump.

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(Photos) Before & After: Honey Boo Boo’s Mom Drops 100lbs!

Mama June

Congrats are in order for Mama June! Well, sort of. The “Honey Boo Boo” star just revealed that throughout the course of filming their reality show the last 2 years, she’s lost 100lbs! But guess how she did it?! By doing nothing! LOL! Originally at 365 lbs when she first starting taping in January 2011, she’s now clocking in at 263 lbs…and she never went on a diet, took pills or exercised!

“I haven’t done any surgeries, no diet pills, never went to the gym,” she told TMZ, “but with the show I’ve been more active. They have me running around and going different places. I guess it’s paying off.” Guess so! Check out the before and after in the gallery.

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Update: Ron Jeremy To Remain Hospitalized For 2 Weeks

Ron Jeremy now

After being admitted to the ICU and undergoing emergency surgery yesterday for an aneurysm near his heart, adult film star Ron Jeremy is on the road to recovery. However, he’ll need to remain in the hospital for at least another two weeks to monitor his heart. More below.

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Oh No! Ron Jeremy Is Currently Hospitalized In Critical Condition!


Infamous porn star Ron Jeremy is currently listed in critical condition, being treated for an aneurysm at an L.A. hospital. His manager tells TMZ that Ron was experiencing chest pain, drove himself to the hospital, and that’s when the heart condition was discovered. Since then, his condition has worsened and he’s been transferred to the ICU awaiting surgery. Prayers for a speedy recovery! We’ll have more as the story develops.

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Uh-Oh….Barbara Walters Has WHAT?!


Barbara Walters has acquired something pretty rare, and considering her age it makes me a bit nervous…but I’m sure she’ll be fine. However, she’s on mandated rest and allowed absolutely no visitors until this thing clears up. What could it be? Find out below!

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(Video) Study Shows Body Language Key To Feeling Powerful


Found this gem, for anybody who wants to feel more powerful and assertive in their own life and other situations this video can help you. Learning High Power Poses can help you begin feeling more powerful and less stressed out in two minutes. Watch the video for more.

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(Video) The Truth About Molly


Molly seems to be everywhere lately, especially in rap lyrics. There are countless references to today’s popular drug being played on the radio on a daily basis. No matter what you try to do, it seems someone is always talking about Molly. People talk about doing MDMA, the real name for Molly, as if it’s popping aspirin but the drug has a some real and serious side effects and I’m not talking about sweatin’. Although it’s not as dangerous as Ecstasy, Molly is the purest form of it making people believe that it’s safe. The drug that began on the club scene and rages is now spilling over into popular culture both here in the U.S. and other countries. Most Molly users are people who are college-age and younger and many parents don’t fully understand Molly or her effects. Learn the truth about Molly below.

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