(Update) Pee Repellent Walls Working in San Francisco, CA


Several months ago, we covered a story about San Francisco, CA applying pee resistant paint of walls throughout the city. It appears these walls are producing positive results. Check out more details !

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Four Students Arrested After Planning School Shootings


School shootings are one of the most tragic, yet common events that happen in 2015. Four high school students were detained in Tuolumne, California after threatening multiple members of the school’s faculty/staff. It was then discovered that the students had been planning an attack on Summerville High School.

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Man Throws Frozen Foods And Urine At Neighbors


On Wednesday, a man in San Diego, California, had a SWAT team occupied for several hours for displaying capricious behavior, which includes throwing urine and frozen foods at neighbors.

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(Video) Hillary Clinton Visits SNL And Mocks Donald Trump!


Hillary Clinton has shown us her fun side on a couple of occasions, but most times, the presidential candidate keeps it professional.

Last night, she was featured on Saturday Night Live in a hilarious skit where she played a bartender in D.C..

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(Photos) Long Island Man Arrested After Smashing A Woman In The Head With A Ceramic Toilet Lid Then Repeatedly Stabbing Her

IFWT_man arrested

The NYPD has arrested a man who allegedly smashed a woman in the head with the ceramic lid to a toilet tank, before stabbing her repeatedly. The 53-year-old woman survived, suffering serious injuries.

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(Photo) Teen Falls To His Death While Taking A Daredevil Instagram Photo!


Teen Falls To His Death While Taking A Daredevil Instagram Photo! Hop into the post to ear more about the tragedy. #IFWT

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(Photos) NYC Woman Arrested After Punching A 10-Year-Old In The Face For Bad Manners


The NYPD has arrested a woman for allegedly punching a 10-year-old boy in the face because she did not like his manners.

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(Photo) N.O.R.E Says That If Kanye West Runs For President He Will Be His Biggest Supporter


N.O.R.E Says That If Kanye West Runs For President He Will Be His Biggest Supporter. Hop into the post for all the details! #IFWT!

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(Photos+Video) You’ll Never Guess Why This 911 Operator Was Arrested . . .


A NYPD 911 operated was arrested for making fake 911 emergency calls that sent firefighters rushing to an apartment building that they believed was locked with unattended food cooking on the stove. The truth is, she was evicted and wanted to retrieve things she’d forgotten.

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(Photos) Seem Like Men Are More Concerned With Their Appearance than Women


We usually hear about women going to the extreme when it came to their physical appearance. You hear stories about all different types of procedures females go through just to look and feel good. Seems like they aren’t the only ones that feel the need to look sexy.

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