(Photos + Video) NC Congressman Apologizes For Saying Charlotte Protesters “Hate White People”


And this is what our world has come to…perhaps one of the most racist things I’ve heard in all of this social mess we call a country.

(Video) Chris Brown’s Royalty Visits Now Have To Be Monitored By His Mom


Wow…Nia Guzman must really not want Chris to have any sort of peace when it comes to their daughter. After the made up “gun incident” with Baylee Curran, baby mama went right to the DCFS.

(Photo) Curfew Declared In Charlotte, NC Following Day Of Protests


Following days of protest after the killing of #KeithLamontScott in Charlotte, NC the streets erupted into violence and property destruction – only to lead Mayor Jennifer Roberts to declare a 6 hour curfew.

(Video) Killer Mike Goes OFF: “Black People Aren’t Ready To Revolt Sh*t”


Killer Mike was at Atlanta’s Black National Convention following the inhumane shootings that have taken place this week and he really let his passion spew to the people. He took the room by storm when he started to make a good point as he explained to the community that they are not ready for a revolution against the police because they don’t hunt/prepare their own food, do not own their own land, don’t practice a martial art, etc. What Mike is trying to do is get people to realize that at this point in time they have to have one job – survive an encounter with police.

(Photo) NFL: Kaepernick’s Time Magazine Cover


He may be the most hated player in the NFL (ignorance is bliss), but one of the most notable and respected magazines in the world just decided that he’s note-worthy. Check out Kaep’s Time Magazine cover.

(Video) Police Body Cam Shows 15-Year-Old Girl Getting Pepper Sprayed Following Bike Incident


A police’s body cam shows a 15-year-old girl being pepper sprayed after she refused to cooperate with them. Although the girl was pretty resistant, police could have used a different tactic to get this girl to do the right thing.

(18 + Video) WOW: Homeless Man Gets Topped Off On A Sidewalk

IFWT_Graphic Content

I guess this man was not trying to wait for his quick fix. In a video, we can see a homeless man getting topped off on a sidewalk..(yes a sidewalk).. by his lady.

Officer Who Shot And Killed Terrence Crutcher Charged With First-Degree Manslaughter


Justice will hopefully be served as the officer who shot and killed Terrence Crutcher is now being charged with first-degree manslaughter. Charges were filed against Betty Shelby just six days after Crutcher died.

Graphic Footage Shows A Man Getting Jumped During Charlotte Riots

IFWT_Graphic Content

Last night the riots in Charlotte were crazy. Not only did someone get shot, there is now graphic footage detailing a man getting jumped in a parking garage.

Drake Will Release ‘Views,’ ‘What A Time To Be Alive’ & ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’ on Vinyl


On his birthday (10/24), Drake will release his last three albums – Views, What A Time To Be Alive and If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late – on vinyl.

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