Man Arrested For Robbery, Tells Police His Name Is What?!!


Now this has to be a joke. A man in Florida was arrested recently for stealing a TV, OK that’s not the issue. Now I heard of different jokes convicts have made when they’re arrested but this is too far! While being arraigned by a judge, he told the judge his name is ” Ima Theif”. That’s correct, first name “Ima” last name “Thief”. You can’t make this sh!t up if you tried. Hit the jump for more details.

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(Photo) Oh Man! Did Kylie Jenner Get Involved In Another Car Crash?!

Kylie Jenner Involved In Car Crash

Those streets can be dangerous! Kylie Jenner hasn’t had much luck with driving ever since she got her license. The Jenner/Kardashian was driving home from dinner Thursday night when she got into a major fender Bender.
More Details after the jump!

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Frank Ocean Speaks His Mind On Michael Brown And Ferguson!!


Granted the severity of what’s going on in Ferguson, Missouri, many celebrities have been speaking publicly on the death of Mike Brown. Included among the many celebrities is Frank Ocean, who released a quick excerpt of his thoughts regarding the entire situation. Check it out after the jump.

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Kanye Parts Ways With His Longtime Friend & DJ?


It appears that Kanye West has gotten rid of DJ and collaborator DJ Million Dollar Mano who is also his long time friend. DJ Mano took to his Twitter account to announce his departure from Kanye right before they were expected to set out for Jay Z’s Made In America Festival in Philadelphia. There is currently no official explanation and no details as to who will take his spot. Rumors are circulating that Mano may have been let go due to an abundance of mistakes made during live shows….

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(Video) The Cast Of Aladdin On Broadway Pay Tribute To Robin Williams


The cast of Aladdin on Broadway honored Robin Williams as one of the greatest entertainers in the world. One of Williams’ most iconic roles was his voiceover as Genie in the Disney film Aladdin. James Iglehart, who is currently playing as Genie in the Broadway adaptation of Aladdin, spoke about the impact Williams had on his life. Read on to catch the clip of the heart warming moment when the cast and the audience sing to “Friend Like Me.”

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Lil Durk Said He’s Lost $30k On WHAT?! Because He’s From Chicago?


Lil Durk recently sat down for an exclusive interview with VladTV, where he reflects on what his background of Chicago has taken away from him. Coming from Chicago Lil Durk carries that label everywhere he goes and it does cost him. The Chiraq rapper revealed that he has lost up to $30,000 in show money because they have been shut down. Hit the jump to read more of the interview.

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(Video) Coupled Up: Sofia Vergara Says WHAT About New Boyfriend, Joe Manganiello?!

sophia vergara talks new man

Joe Manganiello is one very lucky guy! Recently Sofia Vergara opened up about her blossoming relationship with the True Blood actor. The Latina banger broke her silence, saying she is having a good time with Manganiello. Must be a breath of fresh air from her last relationship, as she was always spotted arguing with ex Nick Loeb. Go Sofia! To find out what else she had to say about Joey, click below.

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(Video) Dirty Dog Diaries: Benzino Gets “Proof” Joseline Cheated On Stevie?!

benzino proves josie cheating

Looks like there’s more drama on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and The Puerto Rican Princess is not going to be happy about it! In recent weeks, Joseline Hernandez has been feuding with husband, Stevie J, after finding out he smashed Benzino’s new fiance. Clearly upset, Josie has taken shots at “Grandpa Zino” and fiance, Althea. Now the Hip Hop Weekly founder has finally decided enough is enough and is about to pull some skeletons out of Josie’s closet. Allegedly Benzino has proof his bestie was getting cheated on and his source is no other than Ms. Hernandez’s very own driver. Yikes, we can’t see this ending good! To check out next weeks sneak peak, click below.

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(Video) Ride or Die Chick: Khloe Kardashian Stars French Montana Music Video!

Khloe In French Music video

Reality television just wasn’t enough for Khloe Kardashian! She is now starring in her boyfriend’s “Don’t Panic” video, toting big guns and rocking a clown mask. KoKo and French Montana definitely pull off the creepiness factor in the Purge inspired music video. Let’s just say, this new edgy Khloe is super sexy! I guess Frenchy’s South Bronx style is rubbing off on his Cali girl? To see more, click below.

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(Video) T.I. Talks Retirement Rumors, Iggy Azalea, and Troy Ave Signing!


With Hustle Gang Front Man T.I.’s ninth studio album, Paperwork: The Motion Picture on the way and officially set for release before the year is up, Atlanta rapper T.I. caught up with 92Q Jams for an interview and discussed him possibly retiring. According to T.I. he does not know exactly when he will leave music alone completely, but check out the videos after the jump for everything else he had to say about Iggy Azalea, and potential Hustle Gang member Troy Ave.

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