Poll: Which Is One Of THESE Tracks From The #FunkFlexMixtape Is Your Favorite?!

IFWT_Fav Mixtape Track; M Miller Or C Webby

Now that you’ve had time to ingest that Heat known as the #FunkFlexMixtape, we Really want to know how you like specific songs from the tape, are fans of specific artists pleased?! Now Mac Miller is a little more known, But Chris Webby is Up and coming, so based on both tracks on the Tape, which was your Fav?!?!?

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POLL: What’s Your Favorite Track On Nas’ Classic, Illmatic?


19 years ago today, Nas’ classic album Illmatic was released. It was the debut album for the Queensbridge MC, and would go on to solidigy his presence in the game. The 10-track project has gone on to sell well over a million copies. So, what was your favorite song on there? Take the poll below, and let us know WHY in the comments!

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Which LHHNY Tell All Book Will Be Better?!

IFWT_Which LHHNY Tell All Is Better

This Season is over, But based on the people they were on the Show, Which Book do YOU Think will be more interesting?!

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Poll: Which Playlist From #TheFunkFlexMixtape Is Your Favorite?!

IFWT_Fav Mixtape Playlist

It Drops Today, “Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself?” at 8p(Only In The Dj Funk Flex App), But you’ve seen the track list for a little minute now… Which playlist do you like(maybe just a little more)???

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Guess Which Country Smokes The Most Weed?!?


Naturally as 4/20 approaches, a number of studies have surfaced regarding popularity, medicinal uses and new strains of marijuana. Now UNICEF has released rankings for countries who smoke the most weed. Check who made the top of the list after the jump.

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(Video) Survey Says: Majority of Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana


A new survey from the Pew Research Center shows that a majority of Americans would support legalizing marijuana. More than half of Americans have tried marijuana at one point or another, and generally speaking the War on Drugs is considered an expensive failure. In addition to that, Americans spend more per person on incarceration of small-time crimes such as possession than any other developed country. Let’s legalize it and use the funds for something productive. Check out the video after the jump.

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Kicks: Where Does The Adidas JS Camo Bear Rank Among The Other Jeremy Scott Sneakers?

Adidas JS Camo Bear

So, with the recent release of the Adidas JS Camo Bear we wanted to know where this Jeremy Scott sneaker ranked amongst the others. Jeremy Scott is known for his bold statements when it comes to fashion, so of course his sneakers are going to show off his creative edge. The recent release of the Adidas JS Camo Bear is one that features a camouflage colorway with a bear at the tongue. The original sneaker the Adidas JS Bear featured a teddy bear face as the tongue with arms by the shoelace eyelets, that features a brown and beige colorway. The last sneaker to this collection is the Adidas JS Panda, which has a similar concept that includes a panda’s face as the tongue with its arms by the top shoelace eyelets with a black and white colorway. Check out where we ranked the Adidas JS Camo Bear after the jump…

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Damn! 43% Of Women Lie About WHAT In Bed?


It’s no secret that both men and women lie about things, especially when it comes to sex and in some “relationships.” According to a new book, “The Normal Bar,” 59% of men and 56% of women lie to their partners about their real feelings outside of the bedroom. Only 27% of people in relationships say they have never lied to their partner about anything. The book explores studies about not telling the truth about where you have been, checking emails, etc. but the most shocking to be was one study that was done about how many men and women lie about a very important factor when it comes to sex. Find out more below.

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NFL Poll: It’s Super Bowl Sunday Who You Got 49ers or Ravens?!

The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived.  Today the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers face off at the Superdome in New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII.  There’s so many story lines, the battle of the Harbaugh brothers John and Jim, Ray Lewis’ last dance, Flacco’s big test, the breakout star Colin Kaepernick and so much more. So who you got?  Choose your pick in the poll below.

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(POLL) NFL: Super Bowl XLVII This Sunday! Who You Got?!


Super Bowl week is finally upon us! 2 days!!! It may not be my Giants, but I am pretty excited about this match-up! It’s a battle between the Harbaugh brothers…Will Randy Moss finally get a ring or will it be Ray Lewis going out on top? Will Colin Kaepernick go from backup to Super Bowl QB to end his 2nd season? Sooooo many different headlines. Take the poll after the jump & let us know who you’re rocking with!

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