NBA: Ohio Newspaper Hiring a Reporter To Just Follow & Cover LeBron James!


The King is back!  LeBron James announced his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers and the entire state of Ohio is buzzing.  With James of course comes a media frenzy and each publication wants to make sure they’re well equipped to handle the extra added news.  Well one publication decided to be extra prepared by putting out an ad for a reporter that will solely follow and cover LeBron James.

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(Video) NBA: Ankle Breaker! Aaron Gordon Gets a Big Laugh After Destroying Little Girl With a Crossover


I’m sure it was all in good fun but Aaron Gordon didn’t have to hit that poor little girl with that crossover LOL.  The No.4 pick in the draft, selected by the Orlando Magic, hosted the Magic FIT program.  According to, it was a “fitness and nutrition education program for youth”, and hundreds of children from local community centers joined in on the fun.  Gordon ran drills with the kids and decided to play a little pickup game where he made the young girl hit the floor.  Hopefully he’s ready to do that in the big leagues.

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(Photos) Boxing: Yikes 50 Cent Goes In on Floyd Mayweather After Miss Jackson Spends Her Birthday With Nelly

IFWT_Miss Jackson x Nelly bday

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and his former fiancee Miss Jackson decided to part ways.  Things got really messy when Floyd announced the reason for their split was due to Miss Jackson aborting their twin babies.  During the whole drama there were rumors that Jackson moved on with rapper Nelly.  The two have maintained that they’re just friends but it sure looks otherwise.

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NBA: Knicks Make Laughable Offer to Try & Trade For Kevin Love


Several teams are vying for the chance to trade for Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves.  So far the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors have all made substantial offers but Timberwolves coach and president of basketball operations, Flip Saunders hasn’t bit yet.  So the Knicks decided to try their luck, except their offer was pretty laughable.

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(Video) Sports: Uh-Oh! Stephen A Smith In Hot Water With ESPN Colleagues Over Domestic Violence Comments


Stephen A Smith finds himself at odds with a colleague at the ESPN network today after his comments about domestic violence, which came after a discussion about Ravens running back Ray Rice. Michelle Beadle, who works at ESPN and usually hosts SportsNation said she if deeply offended by Stephen and “will never feel clean again” according to her. If you heard the show you know Stephen A was not trying to be offensive, he just didn’t word himself correctly. I am not defending him but it was clear the way Beadle tried to take it was not the way Stephen was trying to present it. Beadle herself said she was in an abusive relationship in the past said “I’m thinking about wearing a miniskirt this weekend…I’d hate to think what I’d be asking for by doing so @stephenasmith. #dontprovoke”. She is trying to turn it into something bigger than it is or was meant to be by Smith. She has also grandstanded in the past when the Jets signed Mike Vick she said she would no longer root for them if they like to employ people like him. Forget the fact Vick is changed person and that dog fighting issue was over six years ago. Do you guys think she has the right to take Smith’s comments to heart? Check the video.

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NBA: Carmelo Says He Doesn’t Care About Money & How He Almost Went To Chicago


Carmelo wants people to know he doesn’t care about money at this point, despite staying with a bad Knicks team for much more money. While speaking with reporters, he also let it be known how close he was to really signing with the Bulls and leaving NYC in his rear view. In the end it was his belief in the team and faith in Phil Jackson and what he can do that brought him back. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Shaq Ready To Rock The Mic For NBA 2K15, Drops Freestyle For Pharrell


Shaq is ready to make his return to the rap game, even if for just one short moment. Shaq is campaigning Pharrell to let him get on the soundtrack for the NBA 2K15 game. Pharrell has been given the task of laying down the tracks for the game and Shaq is making it clear he wants in. Check out what he had to say.

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(Photo) Sports: WHOA! Nelly Posts Topless Pic Of Floyd Mayweather’s Ex, Miss Jackson!


Damn, I can only imagine what Floyd is thinking right now. Nelly just posted a topless pic of Miss Jackson herself, referring to her as “homie” and wishing her a happy birthday. The pair have never officially said they have dated or had any relations, but this pic might speak for itself. There has been talk about them ever since they showed up together courtside for a Charlotte Bobcats game a few months back. Fans have been going crazy over the pic, making sure they @ Floyd on Instagram so he can see it. Hit the jump for the pic .

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#IFWT Exclusive! Boxing: Enter To Win A Signed Glove By Gennady Golovkin & Daniel Geale

IFWT_Figth hbo

Yes sir! We have another #IFWT exclusive for you!  InFlexWeTrust is giving away an autographed boxing glove signed by Gennady Golovkin & Daniel Geale.  The fight takes place this Saturday, July 26th starting at 9:30p on HBO.
More details after the jump..

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(Video) NBA: This Is So Foul But Funny! Orlando Magic Rookie Makes Little Girl Fall With Crossover


This is just mean, but still funny. Orlando Magic rookie Aaron Gordon was part of the team’s summer camp for kids this week and he gave a young camper a memory that she may want to forget. Gordon was dribbling she the young girl tried to play defense and he winds up spinning her around with the dribble until she drops to the court. He makes it worse by laughing about it after and walking off. I felt bad just watching lol. Hit the jump.

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