(Video) NBA: Draymond Green Calls Celtics Fans “Desperate” After They Booed Kevin Durant All Night


Draymond Green didn’t make any friends in Boston last night as the Warriors easily took care of the Celtics. The crowd booed Kevin Durant everytime he touched the ball and even during interviews, showing they are still salty he decided not to go there this summer during his free agency. For his part, KD wasn’t even bothered by it because he could care less but Draymond ripped into the fans after the game, going as far as to say they may even scare future free agents away.

(Photo) NFL: Colin Kaepernick Reaches $200K So Far For His Million Dollar Pledge


Whether you agree with Colin Kaepernick or not, the man is putting his money where his mouth is which is more than we can say for the majority of folks. Kap had pledged $1 million dollars in donations to help fight racial oppression and social injustice and he shared on Instagram today that he is well on his way there.

(Video) NBA: Blake Griffin & DeAndre Jordan Team Up For This Funny Google Ad


In a new and pretty funny ad for google, Clippers teammates Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan do the voice over work for bottles of ketchup and mustard. Blake (ketchup) is caught out there cheating on his dunk buddy DeAndre (mustard) and the result all comes together nicely.

NBA: Derrick Rose Not Concerned After Woman Who Lost Civil Suit Against Him Files Appeal


It was just late last month when the woman who filed a civil suit to the tune of $21 million dollars against Derrick Rose and his friends, accusing them of sexual assault, lost her battle in court. In her eyes however the war isn’t over and she has appealed the verdict from last month. The filing, which was made on Thursday, says pertinent evidence was excluded and jury instructions were tainted.

NFL: Aaron Rodgers Has Reportedly Been Cut Off From His Family For The Past Two Years


Aaron Rodgers has not been the usual elite level quarterback we’re used to seeing from past seasons on the field this year. While there could be many factors attributing to the decline in his performance on the field, an anonymous source says the main reason is issues with his family. In a detailed story for Bleacher Report, writer Tyler Dunne explains that the source says Rodgers has been cut off from any contact with his family for about two years now and it was Rodgers who did it.

(Video) Sports: Mark Wahlberg Claims He’s Willing To Sell Part Of His Stake In UFC To Conor McGregor


Conor McGregor is constantly talking about that he deserves a piece of ownership stake in UFC. He even recently said after beating Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 that he isn’t fighting again until Dana White gives him some ownership in the company since he thinks UFC is nothing without him. While getting some of that stake from White will likely never happen, Mark Wahlberg, who happens to own a small percentage himself, said he is willing to give McGregor a piece of his but only if he’s ready to cut the check.

NFL: Richard Sherman On Donald Trump Setting A Bad Example For Children


Richard Sherman has been writing a piece for The Players Tribune every Thursday this season and will continue to do so. In his most recent post, Sherman touches on things such as challenging people to take more action, rather than just talk about creating change, as well as teaching our kids as parents to have respect for everyone. Those type of things were on his mind after a discussion he had with his fiancee’s niece and nephew after Donald Trump was elected president.

NBA: Kristaps Porzingis To Donate $500 For Each Blocked Shot To NYC Area Youth Hoops Program


Kristaps Porzingis is already on his way to being a huge superstar in New York and throughout the globe but this will make Knicks fans love him even more. Starting with this Sunday’s home game against the Atlanta hawks, Porzingis will donate $500 for each blocked shot he gets for the rest of the season to RENS, a non-profit youth basketball program in NYC.

NFL: Odell Beckham Jr Loses Diamond Ring While Partying With Von Miller At Sin City In The Bronx


Odell Beckham Jr was having a good night partying at Sin City Cabaret in the Bronx last night until his dance moves cost him an expensive diamond ring. OBJ was there with Von Miller of the Denver Broncos, two of the most dancing NFL players you will ever see, when reportedly Odell was showing off some moves and one of his diamond rings went flying off his finger.

NBA: Damian Lillard On His Blazers “We Kind Of Suck Right Now”


Damian Lillard is not happy with himself and his Blazers teammates. Coming into the season, the Blazers were alot of fans sexy pick to make a deep playoff run in the western conference. After 13 games however, they look more like a below average team than a serious contender, standing at 7-6 and currently in ninth place overall in the west. After losing to the Rockets last night by almost 20 points in a game where James Harden went off for a triple double, Lillard wasn’t shy about his feelings post game.

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