NFL: Associates Of Aaron Hernandez Indicted On Murder Charges In Death Of Odin Lloyd


The two men suspected of being involved with Aaron Hernandez in the death of Odin Lloyd both had their charges upgraded today as they were indicted for murder. The two men, Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz were previously charged with accessory to murder after the fact and had pleaded not guilty. Now both men are facing the same murder charges that Hernandez is facing. Hit the jump.

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(Live Stream) Boxing: Watch The Pacquiao/Bradley Weigh In Live On #IFWT Starting At 5:30PM


The highly anticipated rematch between Tim Bradley and Manny Pacquiao takes place tomorrow night from the MGM in Las Vegas. Pacquiao is looking to get revenge after being robbed by the judges in the first fight. You can see the weigh in live right here on #IFWT today starting at 5:30. Hit the jump for the live stream.

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#IFWT Exclusive! Boxing: Enter To Win A Signed Glove By Timothy Bradley Jr.! #PacBradley 4/12 on PPV


Yes sir! We have another #IFWT exclusive for you!  InFlexWeTrust is giving away an autographed boxing glove signed by Timothy Bradley Jr.!  You can watch Timothy take on Manny Pacquiao this Saturday, April 12th at 9p on PPV.
More details after the jump..

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(Photos) NFL: Oh Man, Even During The Off Season Tony Romo Can’t Escape His “Choke” Reputation


Tony Romo has gotta be used to hearing the choke word when he is playing for the Cowboys but now he can’t even escape it away from the field. An NFL related twitter account posted a pic of Romo with Tiger Woods in honor of the Master golf event that is currently taking place. They posted the pic with the words #captionthis and a former rival on the field couldn’t help himself. London Fletcher played for the Redskins from 2007-2013 and faced Romo twice a year so he knows all about the famous ability to choke that Romo displays. He replied with a classic caption. Hit the jump.

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Sports: WWE Putting Together Two Tributes For The Ultimate Warrior


WWE execs are scrambling to put together a worthy tribute for the Ultimate warrior who tragically passed away earlier this week. The warrior was easily one of the most popular figures in the sport and deserves to be praised as such. The company is actually planning two separate tributes, one which will air during Monday Night Raw next week and the other to air on the WWE Network. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) NFL: Colin Kaepernick Responds To TMZ Regarding Sexual Assault Investigation


Colin Kaepernick is not going to allow TMZ to smear his name without speaking on the situation himself. He took to twitter to clear the air about him allegedly being involved in a sexual assault case in Miami earlier this month. The story was first reported by TMZ but even Police have said that they took the police report out of context and just ran with it. Reports from Police as of now say there does not appear to be anything suspicious or foul that Kaepernick was involved in. Hit the jump to see how he responded.

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(Photos) NBA: Damn Did We Miss Something? TNT Thinks Nuggets Timofey Mozgov Scored 93 Points


LOL, if this stat line were true, Timofey Mozgov would literally be the best player of all time, even better than Jordan. After the Nuggets beat the Warriors last night 100-99, TNT interviewed Mozgov because he played a huge role with 29 rebounds in the game. But the stat people apparently thought he also scored 93 points, even though he only took 15 shots. So unless the NBA magically changed the rules to have shots that are worth more than 3 points it is pretty impossible to score 93 points only taking 15 shots. Not sure how they missed it but it temporarily made Mozgov a legend. It was pretty funny though. Hit the jump.

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NFL: Report, Former All-Pro Shawne Merriman Joining WWE


Lights Out! That was Merriman’s nickname on the playing field and I am sure it will come into play in a career in the WWE. Former Chargers and Bills linebacker Shawne Merriman has reportedly signed a deal to become part of WWE. His hot streak burned out very quickly in the NFL and he was never the same player he was the first couple years in his career. Hopefully his career in the ring will last longer and he definitely has the personality to be a wrestler.

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(Photos) MLB: What Is That? Yankees Cheating? Unexplained Substance Seen On Pitchers Hand


Dirt? Pine tar? What was that substance on Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda’s hand last night during a game against the Red Sox. Pineda said it was dirt but it damn sure doesn’t look like dirt. Any illegal substance on a pitchers hand is considered automatic grounds for ejection and being suspended. Funny thing was at the end of the game, neither team acted like it was a big deal. Hit the jump.

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NFL: Colin Kaepernick Getting Support From Endorsement Companies In Sexual Assault Investigation


This is refreshing. Usually companies that have endorsements with athletes run fast at the slightest bad news surrounding a player and are quick to cancel the contract. Not in Colin Kaepernick’s case though. We reported yesterday that Kaepernick Is the subject of a sexual assault investigation stemming from an alleged incident at a Miami hotel. Not many details have been released, but as of now police say there is no evidence to suggest anything foul took place. One of Colin’s biggest endorsements, MusclePharm is standing behind him. Hit the jump.

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