(Photos) NBA: Chris Paul Hires Lil Wayne For $200K!


Chris Paul’s upcoming birthday party would have been the icing on the cake if they could have made it to the NBA Finals and actually won the Chip; but, we all know how that went down. Chris Paul will be celebrating his 30th birthday and he is going all out by having Lil Wayne perform at the party!

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(Photos) NBA: Carmelo Anthony Calls Kristaps Porzingis A “Steal”, Then Gets Into It With Fans On Instagram


If you let Carmelo Anthony tell it, he seems to be pretty happy with what the Knicks did on draft night, even though all other reports point to otherwise. Melo got into some exchanges with fans on Instagram yesterday where he actually seemed to praise the pick of Kristaps Porzingis, calling him a “steal”. Things didn’t stay cool for long though because then Melo was going back and forth with fans trying to come at him.

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NBA: Report, Lebron James Is Expected To Be A Free Agent On July 1st!


Lebron James is the most powerful man in the NBA. I might even go as far as to say he carries more clout than commissioner Adam Silver, although Bron is respectful enough to never say that. Bron is in full flex mode now as reports say he will not pick up his player option for next year and opt out, but not necessarily with the thought of leaving the Cavs again. It’s more so about him seeing what the Cavs do to keep a title contending team in tact.

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NFL: Michael Irvin Explains How He Got Some “Lewinsky” On His Hall Of Fame Jacket


Michael Irvin was so happy to be elected into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2007 that he wore the coveted jacket for a couple days straight after receiving it. That decision however wound up causing some stains on the jacket, courtesy of Mike and his wife.

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(Video) Sports: Wiz Khalifa Takes Over ESPN’s Sportscenter & Puts On A Show!


ESPN is doing this new thing during Sportscenter called “Center Stage” where artists will be performing. Wiz Khalifa set it off last night before the NBA Draft, and not that he needs it, but it was a good look for him. Wale will be hitting the stage today to perform but he will have to match the energy Wiz had going in the ESPN studios. Not sure if this is just temporary or something they plan on doing for a while, but it’s a nice move on the part of the network.

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(Photos) Sports: Now That Is A lot of ASS! Cakes Everywhere As Serena Williams & Kim Kardashian Meet Up


If you’re a fan of cake the way I am, then you will REALLY enjoy these pictures courtesy of Kim Kardashian & Serena Williams. It started off with Serena just inspecting Kim’s baby bump, but I guarantee the focus of the people taking the pictures and looking at them had nothing to do with the baby bump. They were more concerned with the speed bumps on their ass and boy are people glad they did. There is some serious heavyweight ass action happening here and you can see it for yourself in the gallery above! In the words of our own @LaBellaJew , “Lawwwwwwwd”!!

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Sports: Report, UCLA Coach That Diddy Allegedly Assaulted Has Been Harassing Justin Combs For Years


The more we hear about the incident on the UCLA campus involving Diddy and assistant coach Sal Alosi earlier this week, the more it sounds like Alosi had a beatdown coming! Reports say the coach has been shaming Justin on the practice field for having a rich father and even went as far as to involve the entire team during NBA All-Star weekend.

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(Photos) Sports: Boxer Devon Alexander Really Hates The Idea Of Gay Marriage


Devon Alexander pulled no punches (pun intended) on his feelings regarding gay marriage. As you know, today the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Gay marriage across the country. States can no longer pick and choose if they will allow it because now it has been taken out of their hands. Apparently the news of the impending announcement set Alexander off!!

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(Video) NBA: LMAO! 6’10 Sports Writer Pretends To Be NBA Draft Pick, Enjoys Wild Night!


On the night of the NBA Draft, you would expect to see plenty of very tall young men looking to hear their name called and officially become part of the NBA. Everyone is just in a festive mood and enjoying themselves that sometimes things, or in this case people, can slide through the cracks. When your 6’10 you usually don’t go unnoticed, but here we have sports blogger/writer, Connor Toole, who was both very noticed and unnoticed depending on how you look at it as he snuck into the NBA Draft and lived like a future star for one night.

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(Photos) NBA: Report, Carmelo Is Furious With Knicks Over Draft Night, Feels Betrayed!


Sounds like Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony are going to have to hash things out this summer in order for the Knicks to improve next season. According to multiple reports, Melo is fuming with Phil & the Knicks right now over what happened last night.

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