NBA: LeBron James Sponsored Tweets Valued at $140K, or $1K Per Character


Athletes have been getting money from endorsements for a long time but social media created another avenue for them and other celebrities (or even regular folks with a lot of followers) to bring in extra money.  You’ll often see sponsored tweets but to get someone as big as LeBron James to simply tweet your product is definitely going to cost you big bucks.

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(Video) UFC: LOL Donald Trump Says Ronda Rousey Likes Him, Ronda Says She Wouldn’t Vote For Him

IFWT_Ronda Rousey Donald Trump

Donald Trump is currently the front-runner for the GOP nomination in the upcoming presidential election (I know I can’t believe it either) and as usual he was running his mouth.  While discussing women in combat on CNN, he brought up Ronda Rousey and said that she likes him.  The UFC women’s bantamweight champion had actually told CNN in a recent interview not only that she wouldn’t vote for Trump, but that she wouldn’t want him to run the country.

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NBA: Matt Barnes Says He’s Too Grown to Lie About Dating Rihanna


There’s been some back and forth about what’s going on between Matt Barnes and Rihanna.  There was a report that the two went on a couple of dates and Barnes said things may be progressing between them.  Rihanna however shut all that down and said she doesn’t even know him (ouch).  Barnes friend and former teammate Glen Davis came out in support and said Barnes definitely knows her.  Now here’s what Barnes has to stay about RiRi putting him on blast.

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(Video) Sports: Chris Paul Trash Talks Tiger Woods During Wyndham Pro-Am

IFWT_Tiger CP3

Tiger Woods’ golf game has taken quite a hit ever since the fiasco with his wife and mistresses; he’s just never been quite the same.  It’s gotten so bad even NBA stars are trashing him, playfully, we think.

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NBA Report: Former Commissioner David Stern Being Urged to Run For Mayor of New York City


David Stern retired as NBA commissioner last year, and he has mostly remained out of the spotlight since.  But he could make a big return if his friends have their way.

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NFL: Judge’s Order Gives Aaron Hernandez Hope For a New Trial


Aaron Hernandez just got a glimmer of hope he could get a new trial; a judge is compelling a tipster to come forward and testify about allegations one of the jurors in the murder case was biased.

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NBA: Michael Jordan Makes More Annually in Endorsements Than Any Current NBA Player


Michael Jordan might not be in the league anymore but he’s still the greatest of all time and gets paid like it.  Jordan actually makes more in endorsements than any current NBA player; yes even King James.

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(Video) NFL: Ciara Discusses Double Standard; She Met Future’s Kids But People Are Mad About Russell Wilson


As I posted earlier, there’s been a lot of debates about Ciara bringing her boyfriend Russell Wilson around the son she shares with Future.  Many people have condemned Ciara for bringing another man around her child “so early” in her relationship.  Ciara appeared on CBS This Morning and tackled that topic along with others.

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NBA: Lamar Odom Says He & Khloe Kardashian Will Never Part & Other Men Are Wasting Their Time


During a lengthy, emotional and often-incoherent interview just one day after the SoulCycle incident, Lamar Odom insists he didn’t assault or “ambush” his ex Khloé Kardashian outside of the spin class and claims it was a big misunderstanding.  He also was brutally honest about the love he still has for her.

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(Video) NFL: Ciara Says She Tried to Get Future To Meet Russell Wilson But He Wouldn’t Talk to Her

IFWT_Future Ciara Russell

There’s been a lot of debates surrounding the Ciara, Future and Russell Wilson situation.  Ciara and Wilson have been dating for a few months and there’s been numerous snapshots of Wilson getting close with baby Future, including pushing him a stroller and sharing hugs.  Future was upset about this and didn’t hide his discontent as he publicly said in an interview that Ciara shouldn’t bring Russell around their son.  Ciara did an interview with CBS This Morning and was very open about the situation.

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