Boxing: Filipinos Being Asked To Conserve Electricity So Everyone Around The Country Can Watch #MayPac


We take a lot of things for granted in our lives, both big and small. One small thing we take for granted and never give a second thought to is the ability to just walk in our living rooms and turn on our television’s and watch. For sports fans, what would you do if you ordered the big fight but through no fault of your own there just wasn’t enough electricity to keep your screen turned on? You would lose your mind, but that is the scenario some people in the Philippines are facing leading up to watching their hero, Manny Pacquiao, fight Floyd Mayweather

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(Photos) NFL: Seahawks Bruce Irvin Calls NFL Draft Analysts “Hoes” & “Clowns”


Bruce Irvin was not happy watching the NFL draft last night. He enjoyed seeing the players make that next step, but he was not feeling a couple of the analysts during the night at all. Irvin played college ball at West Virginia and when the slander came for his school and a couple guys from there who were in the draft last night, he let them have it. He tells them to paint their face because they are clowns, and then calls another analyst a “Hoe”.

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Boxing: Mike Tyson Believes Mayweather Set Him Up To Be Raided By Police Over Fake Sexual Assault Claim


Earlier this week, Mike Tyson caught many by surprise and made some waves with his not so nice comments directed towards Floyd Mayweather. In case you missed it, he called him a “scared little man” as well as “Delusional” in regards to Floyd saying he was better than Muhammad Ali. Many people wondered where the negative comments came from, especially since he has never spoke of Floyd, at least publicly, with such a tone. Now we find out Iron Mike has a very personal reason to not like Floyd and in fact he has severely disliked him for more than a decade.

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Boxing: Floyd Mayweather’s Team Says No Way To Paying Suge Knight’s $10 Million Dollar Bail


Floyd Mayweather’s team wasted no time killing the noise Suge Knight’s lawyer was saying about Floyd coming to pay his $10 million dollar bail next week. His Lawyer, Matthew Fletcher told the New York Daily News that Suge was expecting Floyd to come through for him next week, but even when he said it the tone was more of trying to guilt Floyd into it than it being actual reality.

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(Photo) NFL: Jameis Winston Trolls Everyone With Crab Legs After Being Drafted #1 By Tampa Bay


Jameis Winston was officially named as the first overall selection of the 2015 NFL draft last night and I am sure he and his family couldn’t be happier. Hate him or love him, Jameis has dealt with a lot of adversity during his college career. Now some of that he definitely brought upon himself but now he has a chance to move forward and stay focused. After he was selected though it appeared he couldn’t help himself and had to make light out of a negative situation. I’m sure some people will overreact as usual and I have a feeling the Bucs didn’t like this pic much, but it was just a light hearted moment on the biggest night of his life. Check the gallery!

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Supports James Harden For MVP Over Steph Curry


There is only one NBA regular season award left to hand out and it is the biggest one of them all. THE MVP has basically become a two man race between Steph Curry & James Harden. Opinions are divided, everyone thinks they make the best case for their guy to win and it should be one of the closer votes in recent memory. Votes were turned in by April 14th, so essentially the winner has already been declared, just not announced. Well you can count Kobe Bryant as someone who would throw his vote behind Harden over Curry.

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(Video) NBA: Bucks Giannis Antetokounmpo Ejected From Playoff Loss To Bulls For Going After Mike Dunleavey


This game was just all kinds of ugly last night. While many people were focused on the NFL draft, game six of the series between the Bucks and Bulls was happening and based on recent play, the Bucks had the momentum coming in. The Bulls killed that noise real early as they were up by more than 30 at halftime and wound up winning by 54!

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(Photos) NFL: Saints Fan Tried To Troll Dez Bryant, He Calls Her Fat Before Threatening To Roast Her


This woman learned a valuable lesson last night. If you are going to troll an athlete or celebrity, be prepared to have it come back to you. In this case, a female fan told Dez Bryant he was corny. He happened to notice the tweet and it was on from there.

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(Photos) NBA: Carmelo Anthony Returns To Hometown Of Baltimore To March With Protestors


Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis gave an impassioned plea to the city of Baltimore earlier this week to stop the riots and violent protest. He wanted the same peaceful protesting that everybody else wanted and his message went viral quickly. It may have inspired another famous athlete with Baltimore ties to step up as well because yesterday Carmelo Anthony came back to rep for his city and join the protesters.

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(Video) Anything For The Votes! Jeb Bush Wants To Take Pitbull Out To A Baseball Game

Jeb Bush Speaks At The Reagan Library About His New Book

Florida Republicans love Pitbull! Florida Governor Rick Scott recently named January 15th, Pitbull Day, and gave him the keys to Miami. “Mr. Worldwide” lives up to his name, and has done a good job of making music that can be enjoyed by a wide range of demographics. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Presidential candidate, and former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush told TMZ that he’d want to take Pitbull to a baseball game.

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