NBA Report: Bradley Beal Wants a Max Contract But Wizards Aren’t Ready to Give Him One

IFWT Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal and the Wizards are reportedly at an impasse in contract-extension negotiations and now we know why.

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(Video) WWE: Jon Stewart Gets Powerslammed by John Cena on “Monday Night Raw”!


Jon Stewart whose old job was safely positioned behind a desk, never once attacked by a musclebound thug, was powerslammed by John Cena last night … hard.

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(Photo) NBA: Gilbert Arenas Explains His Past Relationship With Draya & If He’s the Father of Her Son

IFWT_Draya Kniko Arenas

There’s been a rumor floating around for yearsss that Gilbert Arenas is the father of Draya’s son Kniko.  Draya has denied the claim but people still continue to speculate that he is in fact the father.  Arenas decided to take to his Instagram account and shut down the rumor once and for all.  He explained how he met Draya, the drama surrounding Basketball Wives LA which included his babymother Laura Govan and more.

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(Photo) MLB: SMH Red Sox Legend Curt Schilling Compares Muslims to Nazis!

IFWT_Curt Schilling

Curt Schilling believes radical Muslims are as serious of a threat to the world as the Nazis and says the numbers prove it.

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(Video) NFL: Cam Newton Adds LeBron James Tribute to His Touchdown Celebration, LeBron Reacts

IFWT_Cam Newton

Everybody knows Cam Newton does his “Superman” rendition when he scores a touchdown but during a preseason game he decided to add a little twist.  LeBron James is known for marching with his knees high then pumping his chest.  Newton added that to his touchdown celebration before doing his usual Superman routine.  LeBron caught wind of it and saluted him on Twitter.

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(Video) NBA: Nick Young Agrees With Cris Carter, As a Rookie You Need a ‘Fall Guy’

IFWT_nick Young2

Cris Carter may have had a point when it comes to pro athletes getting a “fall guy”, so says NBA star Nick Young.

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NBA: Ouch! Amare Stoudemire Visits Elementary School & They Kept Asking Him if He’s Chris Bosh

IFWT_Amare Bosh

Amar’e Stoudemire signed with the Heat this offseason, and he’ll likely back up Chris Bosh andHassan Whiteside.  Stoudemire is already getting plenty of experience playing second fiddle.

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(Photos) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Takes His $5 Million Super Car to Fatburger

IFWT_Floyd hypercar

Floyd Mayweather wasted no time showing off his brand new $5 million super car, taking it out to his favorite restaurant in Vegas, Fatburger.

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Tennis: Serena Williams’ Friends Reportedly Warn Her Not to Let Drake Play Her Again

IFWT_Drake Serena

Drake is getting a second chance with Serena Williams but now that they’re back together, Serena’s guard is up for one reason, best summed up in one word: THOTs.

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(Photos) NFL: JPP Says Losing A Finger Won’t Stop Him!

IFWT_JPP injured

It has been almost two months since Jason Pierre-Paul’s firework injury and but he seems to finally be coming around. On the 4th of July, JPP lost a finger after a firework exploded in his hand but he says that injury won’t stop him.

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