(Video) Boxing: Hilarious Mike Tyson Interview By Diego


Fat Joe told us about a run in that he and Big Pun had at a night club some years ago, and how Mike Tyson saved them…is Mike referring to that in this interview? OMG I laughed so hard at this…Mike is a damned fool and pretty freaking funny. You can never tell if he’s off his rocker or just funny as hell. I go with B. Who IS this lil puppet?? LMAO @DinaWitaY source

Olympics: Rio Getting Three Times The Condoms Than London


The 2016 Olympics are slated to being August 5 in Rio. The one thing that will be different this year than 4 years ago in London though? The number of condoms distributed to the team and staff have been multiplied by 3!

(Video) MLB: Sexy Lexy Panterra Twerks The First Pitch At The Marlins Game


You must have heard of Lexy Panterra by now…the social media twerk queen! She threw out the first pitch at a recent Marlins game, and of course put some twerk on it.

Boxing: Fat Joe Claims Mike Tyson Once Tried To Help Him & Big Pun Fight Bouncers At A Club


Fat Joe has been making quite a bit of noise in the sports world over the past week. You already know by now that last week Joe was on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” where he revealed as far as he knows the song “I Got A Story To Tell” By Biggie was about Anthony Mason. That statement set off a firestorm, especially in the NYC area, as people went crazy after learning that, either praising Joe for finally revealing the truth, or being upset with him for seemingly throwing a shot at a man who is not here to defend himself. He thought more people knew about it and did say he regretted ever saying anything but the damage was already done. Former Knicks star, Charles Oakley took issue with Joe about that and pretty much called him a liar, as he said Mason never mentioned anything like that to him. Today, ESPN had Joe back again, this time on “Sportsnation” where he had another legendary story involving an athlete, this time being Mike Tyson!

(Video) NBA: LMAO! Raptors Getting Help From Canadian Customs As The Won’t Let Cavs Off Their Plane


The Cleveland Cavaliers flew to Toronto earlier today, a day ahead of game three with their series against the Raptors. The Cavs are up 2-0 right now and the Raptors need all the help they can get to beat the Cavs and they got a little help in the form of Canadian customs agents, who refused to allow the Cavs to get off their plane and made them sit on the tarmac.

NBA: Kobe Reveals His Plan For Life After Basketball As Hublot Unveils New $20,400 Black Mamba Watch


Kobe has been associated with the Hublot brand for a few years now and they have already created two watches together but the company wanted to do something nice for him and his retirement. What came from that was a fancy dinner where they unveiled the third watch designed by the company in Kobe’s honor called the “Classic Fusion Kobe Bryant HeroVillain timepiece”. Only 24 of the HeroVillain’s were made so they will be hard to come by even if you have the money. An unexpected twist from the dinner was we also got some more clear details about what Kobe plans to do with his life after basketball.

(Video) NBA: Charles Oakley Is Not Happy With Fat Joe, Feels He Disrespected Anthony Mason


Fat Joe might want to keep his head on a swivel next time he is anywhere in the vicinity of Charles Oakley because the former Knicks star is not happy with him. As you know by now, Joe was on ESPN’s Highly Questionable last week, where he revealed the infamous Biggie song “I Got A Story To Tell” was about Anthony Mason. Puff then confirmed that news this morning but Oakley feels they aren’t being honest and is wondering “why now”?

NBA: Gabrielle Union Says Lebron Knows More About Dwyane Wade Than Even She Does


The friendship between Lebron James and Dwyane Wade is talked about almost as much as the NBA itself these days. The bromance with them is either really adored by fans or truly hated by old school thinkers who believe that opponents shouldn’t be so close. After being together all the time for four straight years, it’s just not realistic to expect them to not remain as tight as they were. Recently, Pablo Torre of ESPN wrote a story about the friends/opponents that included some exclusive info from Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union. She might even be jealous of their relationship.

(Video) NBA: Cavs Players Shower Tyronn Lue With Water Bottles After He Breaks Playoff Record For New Coach


In the process of easily defeating the Raptors last night, 108-89, the Cleveland Cavaliers helped their coach Tyronn Lue break a record. Lue surpassed Pat Riley for the most consecutive wins for a first time coach in the playoffs with the Cavs 10th straight win to open this years playoffs. Riley previously held the record with nine. In the locker room after the game, Lebron and the rest of the squad set the coach up so they could get it on camera, as they rushed him with water bottles. At this point, who knows when the streak will end because it doesn’t appear as if the Raptors are going to put up much of a fight.

NBA: Gary Payton Takes Issue With Steph Curry’s Unanimous MVP Award


Gary Payton respects Steph Curry and believes he deserved to win the MVP back to back but he has a big problem with the fact Steph was the first ever unanimous winner of the award. When you first hear Payton talk, it sounds like he is hating on Steph but he really isn’t. It’s more about the voters themselves.

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