Fetty Wap Dropped $20K On Masika And New Baby

Look like NJ rapper Fetty Wap is ready to give co-parenting a try with his latest baby mama Masika. After flat out denying their baby when she first announced she was carrying his seed, Fetty Wap recently apologized to the mommy-to-be via Twitter saying,

“everything may not b okay but I want what’s best for the baby so I apologize ?”

Masika accepted the apology and the two were spotted recently doing some shopping for the baby. While out in L.A., Fetty reported dropped over $20K on baby clothes, toys and furniture at fancy baby shop, Petit Tresor. Masika and Fetty Wap’s baby is expected to arrive this spring Maybe this will have a happy ending. Click the gallery for more.

(Photo) Michael Jackson’s Iconic White Glove Is Going Up For Auction Bids Start At $20,000

Michael Jackson’s signature style piece, one crystal studded white glove, is on the chopping block and has gone up for auction. Fans and collectors wanting to bid on the glove and have a piece on the icon, should be prepared to pay a hefty price of at least $20,000. The auction, brought to fans by Nate D. Sanders auction house, will be open until July 30th at 5PM. Hit the jump for more details.

(Video) NFL: Chiefs Jamaal Charles Dropped $20,000 On Some Thick Women At V Live In Houston

Jamaal Charles made sure some strippers in H-town had a good 4th of July weekend, after he dropped more than 20 racks at V Live last night.

NBA: Kevin Durant & The Game Settle Beef Over $20K Bet — Here’s What Happened…

Well now this makes sense.  See there was a reason behind this whole $20k bet mess. Was there a $20k bet placed between Kevin Durant and The Game if Game hit a NBA 3-point shot – all net?!  KD said Game was lying, then Game fired back & said KD is a sore loser — thennnn it was all cleared up after the two spoke on the phone. Check out what happened…

*Updated* (PHOTO) NBA: The Game Fires Back at Kevin Durant For Saying He’s Lying About $20K Bet!

We knew it was only a matter of time before the Game responded back to Kevin Durant saying he was lying about that $20K bet.  It seems like there must be some type of miscommunication here?!  There were witnesses (Drake, James Harden & DeMar DeRozen) when the bet allegedly took place, so it looks like someone’s going to have to come forward to clear this whole mess up.  Check out what Game had to say when he heard KD said there was no $20K bet & Game was lying…

(Video) NBA: Uh-Oh, Kevin Durant Says The Game Is LYING About $20K Bet!

Last weekend the Game bet Kevin Durant $20k that he could hit an NBA 3-pointer & posted a video on Instagram about the bet — and yes, he hit the shot.  So KD owes $20k (to charity) now right?!  Wrong.  He’s saying he never agreed to that bet. Hmmmm, So what’s going on here?!  Check out what Durant had to say & I’m sure we will hear from Game soon…

(PHOTO) Sports: Thieves Steal Usain Bolt Shoes Reportedly Worth More Than $20,000

Usain Bolt’s record-setting sprinting cleats have been stolen from a building in London & he wants them back!  No arrests have been made yet. Hit the jump for details & Bolt’s reaction…

NBA: Josh McRoberts Fined $20,000 For This Elbow To Lebron’s Throat

Intentional or not, Josh McRoberts wallet is $20,000 lighter today. That is the price he has to pay for the elbow/forearm he stuck in Lebron James throat as he drove to the basket during game 2 of the Heat/Bobcats series. McRoberts said it was not intentional. “We just kind of got caught up in the air there,” McRoberts said Wednesday night. “For me, real time, he was coming pretty fast down the lane. He’s a real strong guy and I was just trying to stop him from first getting the shot up. It looked worse than it was.” Lebron overreacted with his definition of the play. “I got elbowed in the throat … it’s not a very good feeling, especially how I was attacked in the lane and the contact that happened,” James said. “I was trying to catch my breath, and hopefully it wasn’t too bad. I had to finish the game. All I was thinking was how I was going to make the free throws, because it was a close game at that point.” Attacked?? C’mon Lebron really? It wasn’t too long ago that type of play was considered a normal tough foul, smh.

(PHOTOS) NBA: Daniel Gibson Drops $20K at Strip Joint

What is wrong with this guy???  No job (Currently a free agent) and dropping $20k at a strip joint?!  I try my hardest to not judge & count pockets, but goodness! I’m just gonna hope there’s something I don’t know — like he has a huge savings account.  I know Keyshia Cole can’t be happy to keep seeing pics like this.

(PHOTOS) NBA: Royce White Allegedly Paid $20K For Woman to Have Abortion (But She Didn’t)

Oh lawd.  Here we go AGAIN.  The Royce White drama continues.  We’ve shared the stories of Royce allegedly having a few babies mamas and may have 3 babies on the way (#s 3, 4 and 5).  Well the woman with baby #3 is claiming that he gave her $20k to have an abortion and of course she is sharing texts as proof.  Yikes.  SMH.  Fellas, I hope you are learning from this!!! Details after the jump…

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