The Oscars Bring In Lowest Ratings In 8 Years

Ratings for the 88th annual Academy Awards show have been brought in and let’s say numbers were NOT on the boards… This year’s show saw it’s biggest plummet since Jon Stewart hosted back in 2008. Read more after the jump.

The Academy Claims It’s Not Their Fault The Cast Of ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Wasn’t Invited To The Oscars

As we previously reported, the cast of ‘Straight Outta Compton’ would not be attending this year’s 88th Annual Academy Awards. Their decision not to attend however, had nothing to do with the Oscars boycott that has caused numerous celebs including Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith to announce they would not be attending. The Compton cast reportedly was not invited to the Oscars, the only people invited were the two writers for the film that were nominated. Ice Cube remained unbothered by the fact he was not only snubbed for an nomination but left out of the ceremony all together. However, when The Academy was questioned about their reasoning for the diss, they claimed it wasn’t their fault and passed the buck! More below.

Time For Change: The Oscars Make History To Increase Diversity

The time for change is upon us. After much uproar which shouldn’t have even been necessary in the first place, The Academy is switching up their policies to avoid any racial issues again with new voting rules. History is in the making as we read. Hit the jump.

The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences Pulled In A Total Of $103.2 MILLION In 2012!!!

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences took in $103.2 million in total revenue in 2012 — $89.6 million of which came from the Academy Awards and its related activities.Since the Oscars also cost the Academy $38.4 million to produce, the show resulted in $51.2 million in net revenue, by far the organization’s largest source of net revenue.In its annual report released Thursday, the Academy said its total expenses rose from $74.5 million in 2011 to $88.6 million last year, while its net assets also rose to $299.5 million, an increase of $10.4 million over the previous year. Read more below!!

Scratch DJ Academy Expanding Into Chicago

In February 2013 the academy that was originally opened up by Jam Master Jay and Rob Principe will be opening up in the windy city of Chicago. So, this is for all of you on the come up DJs, be on the look out for ‘Scratch DJ Academy. Other locations are in New York, LA, and Miami. Get your mix on. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

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