(Video) Child Stars Gone BAD!

Child stars are known to have problems crossing over. Click below to see Hollywood’s most famous childhood star meltdowns. Eloisa Melo

Amanda Bynes Pleads NOT Guilty!

Amanda Bynes has just pleaded not guilty on both charges of hit-and-run. She wasn’t present at the time she entered her plea her attorney was there on her behalf. If Bynes is found guilty on both counts, she could be spending a year behind bars. Read below for more details. Eloisa Melo

Amanda Bynes Leaves Her Troubles In L.A. & Moves To NYC

Actress Amanda Bynes has had so much trouble in L.A. as of late, she’s decided to up and leave her LONG time home and head for the Big Apple. She’s currently telling friends it’s to “begin her new life as a fashion designer”, but I’m sure her 5 pending charges in the City of Angels also played a hand. More details on the move below. Marisa Mendez

(Photo) Amanda Bynes Spotted In NYC?!

She clearly isn’t having the best month and maybe it is why she decided to flee from L.A.! Click below to view photo of Amanda in NYC and for more info. Eloisa Melo

Amanda Bynes Charged And Facing Up To A Year In Jail!

After another hit and run, Bynes was finally charged while driving under a suspended licence and facing up to a year in jail! I hope she gets the help she needs befor she becomes a hollywood tragic story. For more info see below. Eloisa Melo

Amanda Bynes Still Has A Publicist!

Rumors were swirling that Bynes’ publicist dropped her but we stand corrected! Click below for the truth! Eloisa Melo

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