CIA Tip Led To Nelson Mandela’s Arrest And 27 Year Sentence In 1962

Nelson Mandela is one of the most notable leaders of our time. His journey for the destruction of the racist system that was apartheid was a painful one. The journey included at 27 year jail sentence which spanned from 1962 till 1990. Today reports released have disclosed that the arrest which led to his 27 year sentence was ignited by the United States Central Intelligence Agency. It turns out the the CIA gave a tip to the South African authorities and that tip led to the arrest of President Mandela.

Nelson Mandela’s Funeral Arrangements Announced

The tragic passing of one of this centuries greatest leaders has caused for those world wide to mourn and reflect on the great impact of Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela’s burial arrangements have been announced and respectfully he will be laid to rest in his home, hit the jump for more.

(Photo) Obama Visits Nelson Mandela’s Old Jail Cell

Obama’s currently on his African tour, and the President made sure he paid his respects to Nelson Mandela’s family as Mandela is in critical condition after a series of illnesses. Today, Obama chose to visit the prison where Nelson was jailed, paying respects and physically viewing a prison that represented racism and apartheid in South Africa, and to show this to his two daughters and wife. Check out a picture of the epic visit in the gallery.

Protestors Are Fighting Which Famous Singer’s Performance In Israel?!?

A singer’s acceptance to play in Tel Aviv, Israel has ruffled feathers with activists and protestors fighting her appearance. USA Today and Alice Walker, the author of “The Color Purple” have also joined the fight in urging this singer not to perform in order to protest the apartheid of Palestinians within the country, as well as human rights violations to the African population within Israel, where we previously reported that the Israeli government was forcing Ethiopian immigrants to become sterile. Maysoon Zayid from The Daily Beast has written an open letter encouraging the singer to at least visit the Palestinians on her trip so as to see the conditions in what is frequently described as an “open-air prison.” Check out who the singer is after the jump.

Nelson Mandela Admitted To Hospital

The Former South African President has been admitted to the hospital but South African officials say that there should be no cause for panic. Nelson Mandela, who was the first person ever to be elected President in a fully representative South African nation has made many visits to hospitals over the years but has always been a fighter. Mandela once spent 27 years in South African prisons, a little time in the hospital wont kill him. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

(Video) Gangsters Paradise – Movie Trailer

@pknotts19 I caught this on demand by accident – you should watch it on purpose! Young hoodlum’s rise from a small-time criminal to a powerful crime entrepreneur during the turbulent years before and after the fall of apartheid.

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