(Video) NFL: New Surveillance Released From The Night Ray Rice Hit Wife, They Kiss Right After

New Surveillance footage from the night Ray Rice hit his then fiance’, Janay Rice, was released by ABC and at least on video it appears the couple really wasn’t upset with each other by the time security and police step in. You can see the couple talking as security approaches and separates them. As time passes police eventually show up and take them right back into the same elevator but instead of punches, they exchange kisses between each other. Both Ray & Janay are put in cuffs, with charges against Janay eventually being dropped.

NFL: Report, Police Say They Sent Video Of Ray Rice Hitting His Wife Directly To Head Of NFL Security!

This story is not going to go away anytime soon cause it seems everyday someone new is releasing some type of information. Despite the claims from Roger Goodell and the NFL as a whole that nobody saw the more graphic video of Ray Rice punching his wife in that elevator in Atlantic City, Police are adamantly saying they 100% sent that same video to the head of NFL security, Jeffrey Miller. The police do not have anything to gain or lose in this situation so they really have no reason to fabricate a story like this. Hit the jump.

NFL: Report, League Just Reached Out To Casino Where Ray Rice Assaulted Wife This Week!

It is just getting worse and worse for Roger Goodell and the NFL as a whole. Another reason to doubt anything the commissioner has to say regarding the Ray Rice incident appeared yesterday as it was reported the NFL just reached out to the Revel Casino this week! They had claimed they spoke with them numerous times in the months prior but it appears that was another lie. It seems at this more the more anyone digs for information, it immediately contradicts anything the league has said. Hit the jump.

Atlantic City Closes Two Casinos Leaving 5K Jobless This Weekend

This Weekend two casinos will close down and a following casino will shut down in two weeks. More than 5,000 people will loose their jobs in the course of 3 days. So which casinos are actually closing down ..

Monica Lewinsky Offered Interesting 6-Figure Job … Will She Take It?!

In a new interview with Vanity Fair magazine, Monica Lewinsky spoke out about the infamous 1998 affair with then-President Bill Clinton, and how it’s negatively impacted her life for over a decade since then. In the article, Monica discussed her inability to secure good jobs because of her past, and now an interesting job offer has come her way because of it! Mark Yakow, the CEO of popular strip club SCORES, has sent a letter to the former White House intern, offering her a position at their Atlantic City club as a hostess in their Sports and Cigar Bar. Yakow says the job pays $100K a year and does NOT require taking her clothes off…but he’s only giving her until Saturday to accept the offer. Do you think she should take it?

(Photo) Wow! A Dead Whale Washed Up On Jersey Shore Was Tagged With WHAT?!?!

A Minke whale between 12 and 15 feet washed ashore in Atlantic City, NJ last night. According to marine biologists, the whale died long before it washed up on the beach after Thursday’s storm. However, once it was noticed, authorities weren’t called. Instead, it was vandalized. According to photos, purple lettering was spray painted on the body. First thought to be gang-related, the lettering is actually that of local fraternity, Tau Epsilon Phi. Pictures after the jump.

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