50 Cent Is Free! Pays Off $22 Million Debt To End Bankruptcy

Screenshot 50 IG Really I thought that was never going to end lol but Fif finally paid off all that mula to his debtors and cleared his name.

NBA: Darius Miles Files For Bankruptcy After Making Over $60 Million in the NBA

Darius Miles was a first-round draft pick with the Los Angeles Clippers in the 2000 NBA draft, he starred in a movie with Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds, he landed an endorsement with Michael Jordan’s athletic brand, and made nearly $62 million in the NBA, but now he’s filing for bankruptcy.

Judge Ends 50 Cent’s Bankruptcy Case

Looks like 50 Cent has something to be proud of! A judge has recently signed off on ending his bankruptcy case but this came at a price of quite a bit of money.

50 Cent Compares Him & Donald Trump’s Bankruptcy Issues

You know it was inevitable…when Fif was asked once again about his money issues right now, he of course had to bring Trump into the conversation – referring to The Donald going “bankrupt” four times.

(Video) 50 Cent Creates A MTV Cribs Parody As He Makes Fun Of His Bankruptcy Situation

When it comes to his bankruptcy situation, 50 Cent shows he is the least bothered. He recently re-created MTV’s ‘Cribs’ in a way where he pokes fun at his bankruptcy case while at a Hostel in Barcelona.

50 Cent Offers Lump Sum To Rick Ross’ Child’s Mother

50 Cent has struck a deal with Rick Ross’ son’s mother in his bankruptcy repayment plan. He will be giving her a $6 million lump sum of the $7 million settlement she won after suing him for exposing her sex tape, so long as she drops the suit. If he doesn’t pay in 30 days, however, Tia’s original claim will be reinstated. As for the $18.1 million judgment against him from Sleek Audio (which is his biggest creditor,) they’ve agreed to a $17.3 million lump sum, and in return, Sleek execs will help him fight the $75 million malpractice suit against the lawyers who represented him in their case.

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