You know it was inevitable…when Fif was asked once again about his money issues right now, he of course had to bring Trump into the conversation – referring to The Donald going “bankrupt” four times.

Posted by: Frankie Zing

First you should know that Donald Trump has claimed Chapter 11 bankruptcy four times throughout his life, but on his businesses. Where 50 Cent, had to declare it on personal reasons.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Fif said:

“[Trump] knows about it. He’s done it four times!. Donald Trump… You know, what’s interesting is the court system doesn’t know the difference between what you can say in entertainment, and what you say under oath, so you have to be really careful with what you say.”

He than said although he’s not voting for Trump because Trump’s tactics make him like Hillary Clinton even more. But does admire his hustle:

“Trump makes me like Hillary more. Look, I think it’s confirmation that you can buy what you want. I didn’t see him as a potential candidate for president, and it’s amazing that he could make the purchase—buy the spot. The big part of his campaign is that he’s financing it, right? He’s paying his own way. So he’s already going to receive the returns. Now, he’s someone who could potentially run America, so he’s already paid himself. You know how much they’ll pay Trump to do public speaking, whether he becomes the president or not? It’s already worth it!”

He of course in classic Fif fashion ended with : “My money? I have a lot of money..”