Sports: Linked To A Few — Guess Which Athlete Kim K. Bans Her Family From Mentioning In Front of Kanye?!

Can’t say I’m surprised at this report, even though everyone has moved on with their lives.  Kim Kardashian has been linked to a few athletes such as Miles Austin, Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries and Cristiano Ronaldo.  Well there’s just one of those ex’s names she’s reportedly banned her family from mentioning in front of Kanye — because he’s allegedly ‘jealous and insecure.’ I’m pretty sure you can guess which one it is …  right?!  But really, shouldn’t all ex’s names be banned out of respect?! Check it out…

NBA: After Slow Starts, Nuggets Coach Brian Shaw Bans This From Locker Room!

Sorry Nuggets players — no more junk food for you! Coach Brian Shaw is blaming the Nuggets’ slow starts on pizzas and nachos & he’s now banning it from the locker room.  Details after the jump…

NY Is Banning The Sales Of WHAT Next Summer?!?

To protect oceanic ecosystem, New York will be banning trade of shark fins next summer. Hit the jump for more details on the future New York law.

Sorry, Kids! Amsterdam Bans Smoking Weed In School

Sorry, kids! No more lighting up for you. Amsterdam is bringing in the new year with a smoke-free school zone. Just recently, Amsterdam wanted to enforce a potential law banning tourists and foreigners from buying marijuana. This law could’ve been detrimental to Amsterdam’s infamous coffee shops. This is where different types of weed were listed on menus to order, very popular there. But now, after many years of debate & after it has become a huge problem with schools – cannabis will no longer be allowed to be smoked at or around the school zone. Playgrounds (yes, kids smoke there) and schools will be stated as “no toking zones” and anyone who doesn’t take the law seriously will be fined by police. Meanwhile, in America, we have a 6-year-old boy in California smoking for medical reasons and Washington State & Colorado legalizing the use of recreational marijuana in small amounts. Although there is this new rule enforced as of January 1, 2013 in Amsterdam – they are still considered the “cannabis capital” of the world. Biz Baby

UFC Bans Recently Retired Stephan Bonnar For One Year

The UFC has suspended recently retired light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar for one year, promotion vice president of regulatory affairs Marc Ratner told on Tuesday. GameTimeGirl

Tech Talk Gaming: Microsoft Bans Halo 4 Pirates

Did you download Halo 4, have plans on playing online, I would’nt suggest it.  Microsoft says they plan on banning consoles from xbox live if anyone is caught playing Halo 4. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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