(Video) UPDATE: Dash Cam Footage Released in SC Police Officer Murder of Walter Scott

UPDATE: April 9 Police have released the dash cam footage from Officer Slager’s police car during the stop before Scott took off running. The footage shows Scott pulling into an Advanced Auto Parts parking lot at Slager’s instruction. He goes on to discuss the car with Slager–which he said he was borrowing and planning to buy from a friend, that he did not have the registration information and would also buy insurance the following Monday. He handed him his driver’s license and while Slager was in his vehicle Scott ran. Though the action goes off frame, you hear Slager yelling “taser!” multiple times. The footage may or may not affect the proceedings or at least the talk around it from this point forward. Click for more and to see the footage.

(Video) Update: Father Responds to Black Man Found Hanging From Tree In Mississippi

Update: Father Responds to Black Man Found Hanging From Tree In Mississippi shedding some light on the scene of the hanging as well his own grief for his son. They say “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Local authorities as well as the FBI Investigating Black Man Found Hanging From Tree In Mississippi who’s reported to be 54 year old Otis Byrd. He was found hung in the woods behind his own residence after being reported missing for at least 6 days.

19 Year Old Black Man From Wisconsin Is Fatally Shot By Police

A young 19 year old black man from Wisconsin was fatally shot by police. Read more on the story after the jump!

(Video) Black Man Being Tased In Front Of Kids For WHAT?!

The world keeps getting more ridiculous by the minute! But, this video really takes the cake. An unidentified man in St. Paul Minnesota was questioned, tasered, and arrested by two unidentified officers for sitting in a public area and not providing his name. We’d like to also note that he wasn’t armed. Police issued a statement saying that they were called by a private security company due to a man repeatedly entering a bank area that was for ’employees only’. The man, identified as Lollie, wouldn’t leave or cooperate with officers. Officers then called for back up assistance, because they felt that the man would fight or run. At that point, police took steps to take him into custody.

(18+*Video) Caught On Tape: Naked Black Man Chasing Cars & Fighting People On The Street

I’m talking bugged out, dude is butt a** naked on the street in broad daylight, banging on a car(the video tapers) and running up on people on the street with a little hand to hand combat…crazy!

(Photos) Say WHAT?! Porn Star Fired By Neo-Nazi Group For Getting It Poppin’ With Black Man On Camera

German porn star Kitty Blair has been fired from the National Democratic Party of Germany ad campaign, which is known to be a Neo-Nazi group. She would stand outside in risque outfits, encouraging men to come inside to vote. However, after she had sex with a black man on film in her latest movie entitled “Kitty Discovers Sperm,” the NDP shunned Blair and even started a Facebook petition to be banned from the organization. “Those who sell their body for money and disgrace their race have no place in our party,” said NDP in a recent statement. WELP GIRLFRIEND, you know what they say… (y’all know I won’t even say it.) #Welcome.

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